The Torch

Kimberlee Britton
Kimberlee’s full name is Kimberlee Mei-Ping Britton. Her middle name means “beautiful peace” and it has been passed down through the girls in her family on her mother’s side for three generations. She does not speak the language but would like to learn it some day.

Some facts about her include, she is left handed, she has been a vegetarian for six years, and she enjoys running. She runs with the LHS cross country and track team. She decided after practicing martial arts for ten years and earning her third degree black belt that she wanted to participate in a new activity. Kimberlee had heard through a friend during her sophomore year that there was a long distance team. She was intrigued and thought she'd give it a go. After a few challenging practices she was hooked and has been running ever since and plans to continue through high school and into college. She also enjoys reading and writing fictional stories. She dreams of becoming an author and a technical writer in her future.

Kimberlee Britton, Galleria Editor

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