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Luke Vavuris

Luke Vavuris, Sports Editor

Luke Vavuris is a senior at Livermore High School. He’s 17 years old and his birthday is on December 25. He has 2 cats and has always had a love for animals. He has worked and volunteered at animal shelter over the course of 2-3 years and regularly likes helping others. Luke is Christian and is involved in some high school church youth groups and clubs. Some hobbies of his are hiking, going to the beach, playing video games, hanging out with friends and spending time with family. He’s also in boy scouts with troop 975, here in Livermore and he’s currently working on getting his Eagle scout.  He also loves watching and playing sports. The sports that Luke takes part in now are basketball, baseball and track and field . Another one of his hobbies is that he likes to travel and visit different places, especially places he has never been and is interested in. Luke is very passionate about what he does and cares very much about others. He’s a very nice, positive, open, caring and humble person. He also enjoys photography, learning more about filming, drawing and art in general. 

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