The Torch

2018-2019 Staff

Riley Johanson


Riley Johanson is a Sophomore at Livermore High School in her second year of Journalism. Riley was the Opinions Editor for The Torch last year and is now Editor-in-Chief. She loves politics, music, film, and a good joke. Riley is passionate ab...

Dylan Nagore

News Editor

Dylan Nagore is a senior at Livermore High School. Dylan just moved to Livermore from Florida in June of 2018. He enjoys public speaking, and even speaks competitively. Dylan also enjoys Vines, sarcasm, and football. He can q...

John Clapp

Sports Editor

John Clapp is a 16 year old sophmore attending Livermore High School. He plays football in the fall and runs track in the spring. He is a Latin student but has also been learning Irish. He loves his dog, an alaskan malamute na...

Kassandra Torres

La Verdad Section Editor

Kassandra Torres is a freshman. She is a section editor for El Verdad. Kassandra loves to listen to music in English and Spanish. One of her hobbies is drawing and playing soccer. She also loves spending time with her siblings...

Sarah Peters

Opinions Editor

Sarah Peters is a senior this year. She loves reading, writing, watching movies, fashion, traveling, singing, and acting in musical theater. Anything involving Disneyland or Disney movies is right up her alley. She loves spendin...

Madelyne Gold

A&E Editor

Madelyne is a Junior at Livermore High School. She plays for the LHS basketball team. Madelyne spends her time listening to music, reading books, writing poetry, making art, and making Vine references with her best pals. A friend to...

Sahar Sumrein

Staff Writer

Sahar is a freshman at Livermore High School, sometimes her friends call her Sara. She enjoys reading, writing, and listening to music of all kinds; and spending time with her best friends. Sahar also loves to write stories wit...

Lilian White

Staff Writer

Lilian White is 15 years old and a Sophomore, she enjoys reading, listening to music, drawing, and writing to her heart's content. Some of her favorite books consist of; Alice in Zombieland by Gena Showalter, IT by Stephan King, ...

Savannah Murray

Staff Writer

Savannah Murray is a freshman who enjoys volunteering at animal shelters, taking pictures, fostering cats, and hanging out with her friends. She just joined The Torch this year and is looking forward to writing and helping out.

Heni Mekeres

Staff Writer

Heni Mekeres is a junior at LHS. She enjoys hanging out with her friends and family, watching property brothers, and redecorating her room every 2 weeks. Heni has twin sisters and an older brother in the navy. She has a pet cat,...

Makenna Luke

Staff Writer

Makenna Luke is a Junior at Livermore High School, She has been on the varsity softball team since Freshman year. In her free time, she will usually be on the softball field or hanging out with friends. She loves listening to...