ROP Criminal Justice Cancelled

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This year the Regional Occupation Program Criminal Justice Class was canceled from the main schedule. It was a, “… huge blow to the whole school,” said Valerie Nebo, a vice principal at Livermore High School.

ROP classes help students because they get to learn from an expert who has had experience working in the field. They get to have hands-on opportunities or actual first-hand experience that lets them understand what professions are available in an area of study, so they can make more informed decisions as they move on from high school. “ROP is a Tri-Valley run operation that is not part of Livermore High School, but is allowed to come on our site and offer career technical education (CTE) classes,” said Roxana Mohammed, another vice principal at LHS.

The criminal justice class was not available this year because, “The teacher from last year resigned and an extensive hiring process over the summer didn’t yield any candidates for the position,” according to Paula-Ann Cabading, the liaison for ROP.  

The teacher chosen to teach an ROP class would need to have been in the workforce and also have or be willing to get a CTE teaching credential. The hiring process also involves an interview panel. 

In the past, the ROP Criminal Justice class had a teacher who had worked at LHS for a long time before retiring at the end of the 2017-2018 school year. Last year, “We got an investigator. He did it because he thought it was fun, but then he realized that teaching is very difficult and decided that he was going to go back into the police work force full time,” said Mohammed. 

Mohammed said they found out in May or June that they weren’t going to have a teacher because the directors of ROP, “Didn’t want to tell us it wasn’t going to be there until they had tried everything.” Administrators at LHS tried to give them leads but, “It was just really hard to find somebody to teach this course.”

Usually ROP Criminal Justice is taught at Granada High School and LHS, but this year neither school could offer the course. 

“I just really hope we can find a teacher for that course. It is an awesome course, the kids loved it,” said Mohammed. 

Nebo and Mohammed both made it clear that ROP will be going nowhere.