Artist Spotlight: Tyler Olcese


Tyler Olcese is a junior who writes poetry to clear his mind and express himself. This is his most recent poem titled, “A Haven From Harsh Bright.”


His description for his work can be found beneath his submission.


Tyler Olcese, 11th


-A Haven From Harsh Bright-


The Dark often seems frightening,

but you’re not afraid of The Dark.

You fray away from what’s inside,

the unknown is what you fear.


The Dark is always comforting,

in it you all look the same.

No way to judge your appearances,

for in The Dark there are none.


The Dark breaks you down,

so only your souls remain.

Your cheating face is hidden,

only your pure voice stays the same.


The Dark is forgiving,

for of your twisted past it has no clue

It cares not what you’ve done,

but rather for who you are now.


The Dark takes in your tainted body, 

and leaves your mind to wander.

A haven from the harsh bright,

a paradise hidden from your cruel world.


So step out of the light, 

and let the wonderful Dark envelop you



“At the start this was supposed to be how darkness can be warm and comforting but as I got farther along I realized it didn’t want to be nice and cozy. It wanted to be raw. For if there’s good and evil, I believe that the wicked are not born of shadow, but of light, and simply find refuge in the dark. And the dark does not mind, it takes all and judges none. So now that you’ve read this description, try re-reading the poem once more with this viewpoint in mind.”