Matthew Morrison Performs With LHS Chamber Choir

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On Saturday, Sept. 7, the Livermore High School Chamber Choir performed with Matthew Morrison at the Bankhead Theater.

Christopher Filice, the Choir teacher at LHS said, “It went really well,” and, “We all had a lot of fun.” He reported, “The crowd was made up of people who made big donations to the Bankhead so they were all big supporters of the arts and so when they saw high school students come out onstage they were really excited.”

According to Filice, Matthew Morrison made a point of telling the audience they were a choir from LHS and if they were proud they should make some noise. “They all went wild,” Filice said. 

Chamber Choir poses on night of the big concert.

The Chamber Choir performed three songs: a song from the musical Finding Neverland, a mashup of Elton John songs “Rocket Man” and “Mona Lisas and Mad Hatters,” and a medley of six songs from the musical Hairspray.

Filice and the choir students had to rush to prepare for this event. “We had two weeks with the music,” Filice said. “The medley was 26 pages long and we got it a week before the concert.”

Filice expressed his discomfort with “drilling the notes,” as he called the rushed rehearsal process, since it is not normally the way he likes to teach. “Ultimately the fun thing … was, it was kind of an exposure into the world of professional music making. So we got the music and it didn’t matter how it happened but we had to show up knowing the notes, prepared, smiling, ready to be professional musicians,….. and the whole choir really rose to the challenge and were able to operate in that professional capacity. ”

Filice said, “I was super proud of all the students who were working so hard and having such a good time with it.” 

Marcella Kumamoto is a junior in chamber choir who performed in last year’s concert with Matthew Morrison as well as this year. When asked how the two concerts compared, she answered, “I felt that mostly it was kind of different

Matthew Morrison with Chamber Choir as backup.

because there was a different crowd and we had a lot more people.”

She also mentioned for this year’s concert, “We had to practice harder because we had less time.” Kumamoto was very positive about the whole experience with, “Honestly I think it went great. Everybody had a lot of fun. I think we sounded great.” Both Filice and Kumamoto’s favorite song was the Elton John mash-up.

Mallory Rowe is a senior who is in both chamber and show choir and has performed with Matthew Morrison this year for the first time. Rowe reported , “I enjoyed singing with Matthew Morrison. It’s a cool experience to be a backup choir.”  About the crowd, she commented, “The crowd enjoyed it. There was a standing ovation. They reacted more than I thought they would.” Rowe’s favorite song that they sang was the Hairspray medley, which was Morrison’s encore. 

Filice does not expect the choir to perform with Matthew Morrison again but, “Who knows? I didn’t even know two would happen.” 

Chamber Choir with Matthew Morrison.


Catch the first concert of the year, the Fall Choral Concert, on Friday Nov. 8. All choirs will be performing in that event.