2019 Volleyball Begins

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Kiera Winslow, Livermore-Granada Boosters

Following tryouts held in August, Volleyball season has started. Both the Varsity and JV team have had their first few games this year.

The girls on the Varsity team are doing very well so far this season. “It’s going pretty good, it’s a young team but the chemistry and comradery is strong. They’re at a good position to win league games.” said Rodriguez, in reference to how the season has been going. This is Rodriguez’s sixth year coaching at Livermore High School. The team is hoping to make it to some league games and their biggest goal would be making the North Coast Section or NCS. A more specific goal for them is beating Antioch, as this will put them in a good position to make NCS this year. 

Unfortunately, the JV team has had a slightly rough start. With two players suffering from knee injuries and one player having a concussion, “The team has been underperforming” according to Coach Vierra. That being said as these players recover, the team should make a great comeback. Vierra who has been coaching girls volleyball at LHS for two years said, “We want to play a complete match, so far each game has only had a good start or a strong end.” The team is also trying to stay consistent with defense. “I think we’re doing really great as a team this year with each other,” said tenth grader Rachel Harrison, who has been playing for LHS since her freshman year. Harrison enjoys playing on the JV team as it’s a great way to meet a lot of new people and get involved. She said, “I really like the environment at LHS and the culture of volleyball.” 

The Varsity and JV teams alike are looking forward to the rest of this season and will continue to work hard. Hopefully the team will be able to pursue all of their goals and make it to NCS.