Artist Spotlight: Tyler Olcese


Tyler Olcese is a junior who finds poetry calming and a great way to express his thoughts. These are two of his most recent poems. The first is titled “Sweet Embrace” and the second is titled “Beauty of a Storm.”

Tyler Olcese’s descriptions about his poems’ meanings are located below his submissions.


Tyler Olcese, 11th


 -Your Sweet Embrace-                                                       


 My love, my love, my love 

What a numbing winter day,

Oh how your arms once warmed me

As upon your chest I laid 


 Soothing and sheltering 

Was your sweet embrace,

And calming and caring

Was your pure voice,

My love, my love, my love


 It’s been so long,

since that bleak spring night

When you left me alone

Under the pale moonlight 


 My love, my love, my love

I hope you’re living well,

and laughing loud. 

Though my heart feels trapped 

in a dark black shroud 


 Oh how I miss your voice,

Your playful, yet reassuring voice.

And of course I miss,

Your sweet embrace 

My love, my love, my love



  -Beauty of a Storm-                           


  A rustle of the trees,

as they bend to the clamorous wind

  Calm, deadpan surface,

of the deep black pond

  Erupts in ripples,

as a frightened swan takes off

  Rich scents of wet earth arise,

as the brisk rain begins to pour

  And the bright cyan sky,

puts on a new dress today

  One of crackling beauty,

hidden among its bleak grey folds


” Your Sweet Embrace:

This one was actually born in the shower, it’s just a great place to do things. Good acoustics, neutral colors most of the time, and the isolation is nice. Anyway, this poem is pretty much about someone who is still heartbroken over their ex, and it’s so emotional to the speaker because they actually had a good relationship, they both loved each other a lot. I tried to keep this poem as gender neutral as possible, that way it can portray any relationship, it depends on the reader, so what do you think?”


“Beauty of a Storm:

Though never said directly in the poem itself, it’s about the beginning of a storm, the calm and quiet before the storm. But on a deeper level the poem is supposed to show that beauty is in all, like the brilliant yellow lightning hidden among the grey clouds, and that surface beauty, or what society thinks of as beautiful, is weak and shallow, thus portrayed by the swan, a symbol of gracefulness, that flies away  due to the storm. “