New Teacher Takes Over Auto Body


        Last year one of the best auto body teachers the school has had.Mr.Mejia quit. He was a great teacher and had a devout passion for auto body. He went out of his way to come to the school for 2 classes a day, mind you, he owned three body shops himself and was losing money to be here. And all he asked for was respect for his class and his student’s and funding.ROP has rarely funded anything for the class, which meant that the students or the teacher was coming out of pocket for any project done in class. The new shop teacher Randy Barnard commented on funding saying “It does take a long time for things to get through the office.” Barnard went on to say that he hasn’t yet run into any of the same issues with the administration with regards to respect for the class. in the first week of teaching, Barnard said he had issues with students in the class, but since then there have been no other incidents…  Owen Hopkins, a new student to the class who commented on funding said: “Mr.Bernard has gone and gotten professional shop quality tools to use, even though the office takes a while to get us materials.” In the past, it has been hard to get funds, but hopefully going forward this issue will be resolved.