Teachers Strike in Union City


On May 15, 2019, New Haven teachers announced that they were going to go on strike on May 20 in Union City.

The strike officially started Monday morning, May 20 with 585 New Haven teachers taking part in the strike.                    

The district’s “last” and “best” offer was a 1% raise to the New Haven Teachers Association starting July 1 and a 3% “off-schedule” bonus.  

New Haven Teachers Association President Joe Ku’e Angeles said “We are disappointed in the district’s failure to come to the table ready to make an agreement. The NHUSD School Board failed our students by not directing their district managers to come to an agreement. Instead of paying teachers a professional salary, the school board and superintendent continue shifting their priorities to overpaying administrators and socking money into reserves,”

“We sincerely wanted to settle a student-centered contract that retains teachers, but this district has unfortunately made clear that students are not their top priority. Teachers feel differently”Angeles points out.

Angeles goes on to sadly add that “What’s truly tragic is that the district can more than afford our proposals”.

Superintendent Arlando Smith is making a $300,000 salary and teachers of New Haven are struggling to make an average of $79,128.

NHTA educators asked for 10% over two years in anyway that the district could provide to them.

Tony Thurmond, the state superintendent of public instruction, attended a bargaining session Friday in hopes of helping to resolve the strike, but talks ended without a pact. The teachers even made it a point to say that they are still willing to negotiate terms as well.

The “last, best” offer means the district could impose the contract to meet the demands of the teachers, or teachers will continue to strike.  

The strike which is the first ever at New Haven , started on May 20 and has cost roughly around 11,000 students in Union City and South Hayward 10 days of school and counting.

To see updates on the strike go to newhaventa.org , as well as facebook.com/WeAreNHTA ,

twitter.com/WeAreNHTA , and Instagram.com/wearenhta and look for hashtags like #ForOurStudents , #WeAreNHTA , #FuturesFulfilled , and  #RedForEd .