Tampon Tuesday At LHS


On May 28, 2019, the first Tampon Tuesday took place on the Livermore High school campus.

Tampon Tuesday is an event set up to collect women’s menstrual products.

The event was created by Mandy Fields and was put together by the President of the Third Wave Club, Samantha Ruelas.

The viewing of the documentary “Period. End of Sentence”

People who participated in the event were also able to watch as well as watching a documentary called “Period. End of Sentence.” The documentary was based on women in India and how they dealt with having their monthly period.

The documentary covered their knowledge of periods. The documentary is on Netflix and is 26 minutes long.

Members of the Third Wave Club also made presentations for Tampon Tuesday to explain what it is.

Samantha Ruelas did a powerpoint on what Tampon Tuesday is and what the Third Wave Club is too.

Alex Lish giving a presentation on statistics and costs of menstrual products

Alex Lish did a presentation on the statistic cost of menstrual products that women have to buy.

Food was also provided for people attending the event to eat while watching the events.

This was the first Tampon Tuesday in the United States.

Donations received from the Tampon Tuesday event