Junior Prom Rumor Dispelled


In the past weeks, as word of Junior Prom being cancelled spread around campus, many grew worried about the possibility. The day after the ticket-deadline, though, (Livermore High School Leadership Advisor) Mrs. Reisdorf had apparently heard about the comments, and ended up stopping by ‘the office’ to confirm that this year’s Junior Prom will still be on. Good news, for those of you who have already rented limos, party-busses, and dress-attire for the event. But to find out more about the dance and what’s to be expected,  we asked Mrs. Residorf, the Leadership Program Lead Officer, some questions.

(Int.) What was the idea behind having Junior Prom at the Galleria (SF), and was it a decision by Leadership or the Administration?

(Reisdorf) Well the venue was really up to the Class of 2020’s leadership, and they choose and plan it a year prior to the event and visit the site with their leadership officer, Mrs. Johnson. Once they decide on the venue they have to give the idea to admin, and it has to be approved.

(Int.) About how many tickets were sold within the last week, and how do the numbers compare to last year’s Junior Prom?

(Reisdorf) The last week always sells the most, even though we try lowering the price early on to try and get kids to buy their tickets early. This year we sold 330 tickets, outselling last year’s 285 total, and a great majority were from the past week. Though, we met even with the price of the venue very early on, and now all the tickets sold past that are being put back into the dance and decorations.

(Int.) Hypothetically,  if Junior Prom was cancelled, what would’ve happened to all the kids who bought tickets?

(Reisdorf) Talks of dances being undersold or cancelled have always happened, but we’ve never actually had to cancel a Prom before. Like I said, we met even with the venue price early on, and worst case I think what they (2020 Leadership) would’ve done is cut the budget on the design of the dance.

(Int.) To stretch the idea and not give away too much, what’s to be expected to come with Prom?

(Reisdorf) Having a different scene from last year’s Prom will give those who went last year and are going again this year a much different feeling. The venue is a high-caliber, classy-setting with some really cool centerpieces, and I think those will help set in the atmosphere of the dance, along with it being in the city.In the worst case, the Prom budget would’ve been cut, not cancelled entirely, still this year that’s not what you should be expecting. The skies look clear for the upcoming weekend, and Prom at the Galleria might be the best place to spend it.