Finals Cheat Sheet (Not That Kind)

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Finals Cheat Sheet (Not That Kind)

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End of the year finals are coming up and they have always seemed impossible for me to effectively study for. When I take the test, I feel like everything that I know is now not in my head and the words on the final are in a foreign language.

Now I know how it feels to struggle through testing and just want to give up. So that is exactly why I am giving you tips on how to study for your big tests coming up.

Tip 1: Make a Plan

Trust me, doin well on a final is so much easier when you have a set schedule on what to study. Say that you know the final will have content from the whole year. Give yourself enough time to study a few chapters a night so you don’t get overwhelmed.

Tip 2: Do Not Stress

One thing that always happens while studying is the break down moment.

Yes, tests are important and they help you with your grade but that doesn’t mean that the world will end if you do not do very good on it. I have failed quite a few finals throughout my high school career and I am still here, and I’m still going to college.

Sometimes it feels like the weight of the world is on your shoulders and you need to get a great grade. The moment you begin talking to yourself, stop and breathe. Stressing about uncontrollable things will only make your testing worse as you begin a slippery slope to your doom.

Tip 3: Highlighters Are Your Best Friend

It is known that you memorize things with color more than just the typical black and white text. Use highlighters religiously and mix up the colors for fun.

Mixing colors will improve the amount of information you retain and it makes your notes look cool.

Tip 4: No All Nighters

As tempting as it is to just try and cram as much information as you can and stay awake all night, don’t. That is one of the worst things you can do before a test.

Staying up with little sleep will lead to extreme fatigue and poor execution on the test.

What you should do is set an alarm to study to and when that alarm goes off, go to bed and give your body enough time to rest.

Tip 5: Eat Good

Actually eating meals and not just studying can help you so much more than you know. When studying, it is so tempting to just skip eating and continue studying but eating is good for you, do it.

Don’t forget about breakfast, especially on the day of the test. Eating gives your mind energy and helps you think, you know you need to think on a test right?

Tip 6: Don’t Compare Yourself to Others

The worst thing to do is to compare yourself to other kids taking the test. In that moment, you are your own worst enemy.

It doesn’t matter how good or bad other people feel they are going to do on the test, realize that you studied and you are gonna do the best you can.

If there is anything that you should know it is this. Whatever you do, do it with one hundred percent and know that in that moment, you couldn’t have done it any better.