“Game of Thrones” Ends on a Disappointing Note

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“Game of Thrones” Ends on a Disappointing Note

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Viewers in the twenty-first century have been able to witness an amazing series finally come to an end.  

Since April 2011, Game of Thrones has been on the air, captivating audiences for seasons. It is a show that celebrities rave about and families would sit together every Sunday to watch.

The show has finally come to an end after eight seasons of drama and fighting, all to end one of the worst endings that could have been written for a fan. It wasn’t the ending itself that was bad, but the build up to it.

Throughout the seasons we have been able to watch characters develop and cross paths with one another. One of those characters was Jon Snow.

Snow was played by Kit Harington from the start and viewers were able to see him grow from a bastard to a future king. Snow was a man of his word and that would not surprisingly be his downfall.

We also got to see Daenerys Targaryen played by Emilia Clarke. This Targaryen’s only goal was to get the Iron Throne and viewers were taken on a long journey that ended in Westeros where she met Snow.

Over the course of six seasons of build up, the two finally met in season seven. Season seven seemed to be what everyone was looking for, the plot was almost boiling and the audience was left with a major cliffhanger with the dead breaching the wall.

It was announced that season eight was to be the last season which was already heartbreaking enough, but the news got worse. There was only going to be six episodes.

After seven seasons of build up, there was only six episodes in the final season.

Now, Snow and Targaryen had fallen in love when news that Snow was actually Targaryen’s nephew. The problem is that this huge news is pretty much useless in the ending of the story.

How is the biggest reveal in the course of the show not used in the finale?

All that happened was Snow killed his lover and we got an everyone wins ending, except for Snow. I will refrain from telling the whole ending but basically, the character everyone loved got the short end of the stick.

The main problem with this is that all of this character development that was supposed to lead to an amazing ending, led to nowhere.

The main villain and presumed most deadly army of all time was destroyed in one episode.

Finally, the most overpowered creature (the dragons) were being shredded by everyone only to have one survive and destroy a whole city like it was nothing. There was no balance in the system from the beginning and that showed in the finale.

I loved this show and was an avid watcher but the ending was upsetting and unsatisfying.

Hopefully, the spin off will be as good as the original series.