LHS Track and Field Ends Season at NCS

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LHS Track and Field Ends Season at NCS

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The 2019 LHS Track and Field season ended with several runners advancing forward to NCS and the Meet of Champions.

Track coach Steve Syth said, “The season was good. There was a lot of young talent.”

Syth mentioned hurdles and high jumps being performed especially well this year. Towards the end of the season, Syth said, “They have the chance to go far with the league finals and NCS.”

Long distance runner Ava Stromme (12) said, “We had the same amount [of runners] in the championships as usual.”

Thrower Cauy Cutchen (12) said, “The season went very well, we had a sophomore named Ashely go to NCS and Meet of Champions.”

Cutchen shared that every member of the throwing team made it to EBAL and several personal records (PRs) were achieved.

Thrower Lindsay Brown (12) said, “The season was great! The whole throwing team got really close this year; we’re kinda like a family.”

Cutchen stated, “The best way to prepare for the season is [to develop] muscle memory. Watch videos of world-class throwers and athletes, [and] practice lots of drills and hammer your technique in.”

However, for Cutchen, a few of his goals were not achieved because he became sick with ‘Walking Pneumonia.’

After about three weeks, Cutchen was able to return to practice for the season. Cutchen stated his recovery was not how he planned it to be.

Aolani Godinez (12), also a thrower, said, “My goals were to pr in throwing, to throw disc at 50’ and shot put at 20’ and get better at my 100 meter.”

“They were accomplished well somewhat, I did pr on disc and shot put but not where I set my goal at,” Godinez stated.

Godinez said of practice, “The best ways to prepare for the season is to always stretch, get comfortable with the warmups, drink lots of water, and always have a positive attitude.”

Brown mentioned that she ended up helping her coaches and teammates to make sure everyone was getting help.

Reflecting on the season, she stated, “In the end, practices and meets with my team were always something I looked forward to.”

Cutchen, on his final season, said, “I was kinda sad when it all came to the end, but very very happy that I got to have my final track season in high school at LHS.”

Godinez said, “As a senior, this season was unforgettable. It was very hard for me to finally understand that this was my last time running in this team.”

“It was heartbreaking when it ended because I wasn’t going to run with my teammates anymore.”