Warriors Head to Finals for Their Fifth Straight Year


The year is 2019 and amongst us is another basketball dynasty.

The Golden State Warriors are now in the National Basketball Association Finals for the fifth straight year. The Warriors are still a ways behind the record for most consecutive finals appearances, with the Boston Celtics having nine straight appearances.

The past four years were against the Cleveland Cavaliers who have since lost the legend Lebron James. This year, however, will be against the Toronto Raptors who have just beaten the Milwaukee Bucks.

In the past year the Warriors have gone from Steph Curry’s team, to Kevin Durant’s team, but whose team is it now?

Even with Durant injured, the Warriors still swept the Portland Trail Blazers in the series 4-0 like it was nothing.

With the last three of four rings going to the Warriors, they are trying to win yet another.

The only difference is that this year, there is no James in their way. However there is a bigger name in their way, Drake. Yes, Drake the rapper.

Drake is a huge Raptors fan and will be the most annoying fan on the court for every home game. Hopefully he won’t be let into the Oakland Coliseum to disturb the Warriors anymore than he does in Toronto.

However, with rumor of Kevin Durant going to the New York Knicks, this may be the last year the Warriors are on top.

Now there is speculation on whether or not the Warriors are better with or without Durant on the court. That is up to personal opinion though and everyone has different views on it.

With the San Francisco Giants, Oakland A’s, San Francisco 49ers, and Oakland Raiders doing as bad as they are, the Warriors are a good refresher to see what winning is like in the bay area.

No matter what happens in the finals, the Warriors have become a team that will be talked about  in fifty plus years.