It’s Time to Stop Waiting on Conor McGregor


Over the past few years, I have become completely engrossed in all things mixed martial arts. Although I keep up on the fighters involved with organizations like ONE Championship and Bellator, my fight organization of choice is the Ultimate Fighting Championship. There are many reasons why I have an affinity for the UFC, but my main reason is because of one single fighter: Conor McGregor.

Like, I’m sure, many other fans, McGregor was the reason I fell in love with watching MMA. Although he’s an incredible talent in the octagon, my appreciation for McGregor started because of his personality outside of fighting. An avid trashtalker and an all-around funny individual, it’s hard to not be at least entertained by McGregor in interviews and UFC press conferences.

I will always hold McGregor in high regard because of the fact that he is the reason why I became an MMA fan. However, McGregor’s loud mouth has grown old to me and has led me to think that maybe it’s time to leave him behind until he’s ready to be serious about fighting again.

Ever since his loss to Khabib Nurmagomedov in October of 2018, McGregor has retired, come out of retirement, threatened to move to the WWE, teased rematches with Nate Diaz, Jose Aldo, and Floyd Mayweather, challenged Donald Cerrone, challenged Anderson Silva, challenged Mark Wahlberg to a fight over UFC shares (yes, you read that right), and come under fire for comparing Nurmagomedov’s wife (who was wearing a veil) to a towel.

McGregor has not competed in or finalized a single fight since his fight with Nurmagomedov. He has proven countless times this year that he has no clear objectives on who he would actually be open to fighting.

It’s time to stop listening to him and start listening to the fighters in the lightweight and featherweight divisions who are actually going to fight.

I’m not saying McGregor will never fight again — chances are he will. He’s young, fit, and he has beef with seemingly everybody in his divisions. But I am saying that it’s always been known that McGregor loves attention and we have to take everything he says with a grain of salt — maybe even a whole salt shaker full of it.

The lightweight and featherweight divisions are full of men who are willing and able to fight anyone you lay in front of them. It’s unfair to wait on a man who seemingly doesn’t have intentions on fighting anybody soon when other fighters would jump at the opportunity to fight anybody. Those divisions deserve the chance to move on without McGregor and wait until he’s ready to stop running his mouth and do something. And, luckily, it seems like that’s the way it’s going.

Khabib Nurmagomedov is allegedly fighting Dustin Poirier in September and looking to fight Georges St-Pierre after. Donald Cerrone is fighting Tony Ferguson in June. Also, it was just announced that Nate Diaz will be making his UFC comeback in August against Anthony Pettis in Anaheim.

McGregor is arguably the most famous MMA fighter in the world. Incredible fighters around the world would do anything to have a chance to step into the octagon with someone as well-known and famous as Conor McGregor.

There will likely have a sea of opponents to choose from when McGregor’s ready to return to fighting. Until McGregor is ready to make that choice, it’s time to move on from him and focus on fighters who are actually willing to step into the octagon.

When McGregor legitimately wants to fight, he will. And the fans, the fighters, and the UFC shouldn’t wait around for him.   

Header credit: Riley Johanson