LHS Link Crew Hosts Cocoa, Cookies, and Cram for Freshmen

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Link Crew is a club here at LHS that helps Freshmen each year adjust to high school. They put on lots of events for Freshmen.

Next week is finals and the end of the second trimester of the 2018-19 school year. Studying for finals can be very stressful especially as a Freshmen.

Member of Link Crew, Athena McPeake (10) said, “ I like Cocoa, Cookies, and Cram because I like being able to help the Freshmen and answer their questions.”

Cocoa, Cookies, and Cram is an event put on by Link Crew that helps Freshmen study for finals. They can study with friends, eat cookies, and drink hot cocoa. “ I think it was a very fun experience, to be able to study and learn from your peers,” said Link Crew member Klarissa Cuenca (10).

“Cocoa, Cookies, and Cram is great for students because they have a chance to study, as well as get free cookies and hot chocolate” said Bridget Mayhew (10).

This event will be held Monday, Mar. 4, and Tuesday, Mar. 5, after school until 5:00 p.m. in the Student Union.

Cocoa, Cookies, and Cram is a good chance to study for finals with your friends.