Livermore High School Winter Choral Concert Takes Place on March 7th

Livermore High School has a lot of different departments, the music department is one of them. One of the classes in the music department that is offered here at LHS is choir.


Choir classes at LHS are talked about less than other areas of the music department such as band and orchestra.


LHS offers three choirs. Two choirs are auditioned for, Show Choir and Chamber Choir, and there is one that is offered to everyone, Concert Choir.


The choirs are different. Chamber Choir sings songs that are challenging and different that often are in other languages. Show Choir sings acapella music and does choreography. Concert Choir is a combination of both styles of music but, also teaches you a lot of the basics of singing and technique.


Many students enjoy this choir as an elective choice.


“I like choir because it allows me to take a step back from academics and have a fun time during school,” said Athena McPeake (10).


“I’m able to express myself through singing and be with other people who love to sing too,” said Klarissa Cuenca (10).


One thing that they do at the end of each trimester is have a concert. At the concert, they perform music that they have been working hard on and learning about throughout the trimester.


“The concerts at the end of the trimester are fun because we get to hear and share all the music that we have all been working on,” said Bridget Mayhew (10).


Livermore High School’s Winter Choral Concert will be on Mar. 7, 2019,  at 7:00 p.m. in the LHS theater.