Livermore Teen Academy 2019 Helps High Schoolers


At the Livermore Public Library, there is a program called Livermore Teen Academy.

The program is about helping teens in high school to have an impact on their government, as well as become more knowledgeable in how the city works.

Teens have to be 16 and up to apply, and the program is available for juniors or seniors as of fall in 2019.

The program takes place from June 10 to June 28.

It’s a three week program and each day the meeting spot is either at the library or city department.

The Livermore Public Library is where they teach life skills classes or information on how city government works.

There is a personal finance  and public speaking class that incorporate skills like resume writing, networking, and interview skills at the library which is 7 or 8 days of the program.

For the rest of the program students will be assigned a department to report to for internship.

The interviews during the application process determine where you will be assigned based on interests you have.

Nathan Brumley, the supervising librarian for youth services, says, “Younger folks don’t have a lot of voice in the election process or even the regular day to day running of the city and city council meetings happen twice a month but is always the same older people who are coming and so if younger people came up and shared their voices and what they were looking for you would see a lot more of that happening in the city.”

The application can be downloaded off their website and the deadline is at 6 p.m. on March 1, so sign up for Livermore Teen Academy now to make a difference in the city.