ESports at Livermore High School

ESports is a serious force within organized competition and is starting to become an activity at the high school level. With the popularity of video games in the world of 2019, it is no surprise.

This leads to the questions of what an ESports would program entail and whether Livermore High School  should have one.

ESports has a huge selection of games including games such as League of Legends, Hearthstone, Counter Strike, Dota, Overwatch, Madden, and far more.

The charge for ESports at LHS is being led by Zach Krammer (11) and Jacob Andre (10).

According to  Athletic Director James Petersdorf, ESports has been asked about before and would have to start out as a club.

Krammer said, “To start off, since it wouldn’t be funded very well, it would have to be people bringing in their own stuff, donations at first or people just bring in their own console and use their own. But I think if it were to be built up and if we have a good team it might get better funding”.

This means joining would be just like a clubs unless it becomes a full fledged team where tryouts could be involved.

In terms of practice Andre says “You would practice either like sports or on your own, you would probably just join a Discord [an online communication app] call every time you had a competition and then you play together”

This brings up the question of how likely is it to become a full-fledged sport at LHS.

“If we can physically house it and make it successful and have the program run well it is something we should look into. It is something that we will probably be doing at some point I just don’t know when,”said Petersdorf.

According to Mr. Petersdorf, due to its classification as a sport, you could letter in ESports. This is a highly debated issue regarding ESports in schools.

“I would agree that if you bring it to schools you should have it be able to be a letter, considering that band, academics, and some dance things also get letters. Pretty much anything can be classified as a sport and be varsitified,” said Colby Cairel (10)

“Yeah I mean it still has the same level of competition and skill based combat that alot of other sports do, why can’t it have varsity.”

“I think that ESports, I understand that it is a thing in our modern world, but I don’t think it deserves to be classified as an actual sport by any means, by any organization.” said Garrett Scherer (10)

“If it was classified as a real sport, people would also get recognition aka varsity jackets etc etc for playing a sport that is literally nothing, like you sit in a chair and play videogames. Band deserves to be a sport more than ESports”

Overall despite the debates over lettering, according to Andre it has one goal: “have fun”.

Jacob is still looking for members to start the club so if you are interested you should find him and sign up.