Americans Lose Amidst the Shutdown

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Americans Lose Amidst the Shutdown

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The United States of America went through the longest government shutdown in its history earlier this year (and late last year).

The historic 35 day shutdown left lasting effects on over 800,000 Americans.

President Donald Trump called for the government to be shutdown on Dec. 22. The shutdown began when the Democrats in the House of Representatives did not vote to fund Trump’s five billion dollar wall along the U.S./Mexico border.

Negotiations were non-existent between House of Representatives Speaker, Nancy Pelosi, and Trump.

On one side, Pelosi was not going to budge at all due to her party’s view on building a wall. On the other side, Trump was trying to hold arguably his most intense campaign promise.

This was a battle between two hard-headed people — and, overall, America lost.

The first meeting between Pelosi and Trump ended up being an argument that showcased the fact that no one was going to give any ground. This was only the first of many moments that would show America that we may be in a government shutdown for longer than we thought.

Throughout the shutdown, Pelosi and Trump did not meet outside the view of the camera and try to make a deal. While these two children fought to show dominance, there were too many Americans that were on the wrong end.

The National Parks stopped paying their workers and trash was over-flowing out of garbage cans. The worst of the shutdown came when TSA workers started not showing up to the airport due to lack of pay.

Throughout all of this, Pelosi and Trump still did not come to an agreement. While almost a million Americans were not getting paid, every member of Congress was still getting paid.

When federal employees are not getting paid, no member in Congress should get paid.

If the politicians were struggling to pay the bills and get food, maybe they would actually get things done.

Politicians should only get paid when they do their jobs — when they make deals and make new laws that benefit the society.

Watching Americans struggle to pay for food and pay rent should have encouraged the politicians to create a deal but it did not.

When the shutdown finally ended on January 25, Trump said that if he did not get the money for a wall, the government would go back into the shutdown after a three week grace period.

Both Pelosi and Trump need to stop standing their ground and make a deal that both sides will agree with.

If no deal is made, neither Democrats nor Republicans will come out looking like winners — and the big losers will be Americans.