NFL Post Season Recap

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NFL Post Season Recap

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The NFL playoffs finished with yet another Patriots Superbowl win, which was accompanied by (another) NFL controversy.  Here is a quick recap of every game that led to these results.


Colts v. Texans

This was a game that could have gone either way — the Texans and Colts had played twice in the regular season with a win for both. I was betting on the Texans. I thought it would be a defensive battle with both offenses having skilled quarterbacks. I was wrong, in terms of who would win and it was clear offense was actually more important as Colts’ Quarterback Andrew Luck dominated the field. Luck ended up leading the Texans 21-0 at the half. The Colts were able to hold on to the win by only allowing one touchdown in the whole game.

Colts: 21

Texans: 7


Chargers v. Ravens

For me this was a no-brainer game. The Chargers had a superior Quarterback, Philip Rivers, Receiver, Keenan Allen, and Running Back, Melvin Gordon. Meanwhile, I do not consider the Ravens’ offense to be anything special but they do have a good defense. I was wrong and the Chargers only won because of a last minute forced fumble, after Ravens’ Quarterback, Lamar Jackson, almost stole the game with last minute drives.

Chargers: 23

Ravens: 17


Cowboys v. Seahawks

I knew this game would be close because the Seahawks have consistently not made it to the NFC championship for a few years now and the Cowboys have started to become good. With the Seahawks slowly going down hill and Cowboy’s going up if it wasn’t close, it would have been disappointing. The Cowboys won by the skin of their teeth with great plays by Running Back, Ezekiel Elliott, and Quarterback, Dak Prescott, and a consistent defensive performance.

Cowboys: 24

Seahawks: 22


Eagles v. Bears

This game was close, but should not have been. The Eagles, last year’s Superbowl champions, vs. the Bears, who before this year had been less than desirable to watch. The Eagles did not have a great season, but none-the-less I expected more from them. The Bears, however, had a great season, but I did not expect much from them. The game ended with a clutch touchdown from the Eagles’ Quarterback, Nick Foles, to Wide Receiver, Alshon Jeffery, and a Bear loss

Eagles: 16

Bears: 15

AFC Semifinals


Chiefs v. Colts

This game was another no-brainer. The Chiefs have dominated the AFC all season and have one of the best offenses in football. Meanwhile, the Colts were a mediocre team and I was already surprised they made it this far. Chiefs Quarterback, Patrick Mahomes picked apart the Colts defense and the Colts could not keep up with the Chiefs’ offense.

Chiefs: 31

Colts: 13


Patriots v. Chargers

Another no-brainer, the Patriots have been good since 2002 and have won 5 Super Bowls since then. I do not like the Patriots and I think Philip Rivers deserves a Superbowl win, but sadly Brady led the offense in the pounding of the Chargers defense.

Patriots: 41

Chargers: 28


NFC Semifinals:

Rams v. Cowboys

This was also a no-brainer for me. The Rams have had a very good season with a good offense and a great defense. The Cowboys, while on the uphill, are decent. But I did not see them beating the Rams. I was right. While the Rams defense was fairly effective in stopping Elliot and Prescott, the Cowboys’ defense was not as effective against Quarterback, Jared Goff, and Running Back, Todd Gurley.

Rams: 30

Cowboys: 22


Saints v. Eagles

It was impossible for me to see any scenario where the Saints lost. The Eagles, even though they were Super Bowl Champions last year have not been as good this year and one of their losses was a 48-7 pounding by the Saints. The Saints dominated defensively with two interceptions and a skilled offense led by Drew Brees to win the game.

Saints: 20

Eagles: 14


AFC Championship:

Patriots v. Chiefs

I was excited for this game. The longstanding dominant force in the NFL vs. the best offense in the NFL led by rookie quarterback Patrick Mahomes. My bet was on the Chiefs, despite their loss to the Patriots earlier this season, would come out on top. In overtime, Patriots Running Back, Rex Burkhead, rushed up the middle for a touchdown to end the game.

Patriots: 37

Chiefs: 31


NFC Championship:

Rams v. Saints

This was going to be another close game. The Saints had beaten the Rams earlier in the season. After last year’s loss to the Vikings in which they lost on the final play of the game, I knew they were determined. The Saints deserved this win and lost only because the lack of a penalty. This sparked controversy and resulted in elected officials of Louisiana talking in Congress and sending letters to the NFL demanding either a rematch or some way to stop this from happening again. Although NFL commissioner, Roger Goodell, has admitted this was a mistake nothing has happened and the Rams moved onto the Superbowl.

Rams: 26

Saints: 23


The Super Bowl:

Patriots v. Rams

Although I still wished it was Saints vs. Patriots I was still excited. I didn’t want Brady to get another ring and I didn’t want the Rams to win after their game with the Saints. I was not exited after ten minutes of the game had passed and, long story short, it was a boring, fully-defensive game with a low score. Brady got his 6th ring and proved the Saints probably deserved to be their instead of the Rams.


Photo Credit Erik Drost