“Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse” Movie Review

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“Spiderman: Into the Spider-verse”, to put it simply was a very good movie. It was everything I had hoped it would be and more. The Rotten Tomatoes Score was justified at 97%.

“Into the Spider-Verse” had characters you can connect with; All characters experienced growth

The film also featured a good soundtrack and a funny script.

The protagonists were people who you actually care about and even the villains were not completely hate-able. All of these positive qualities in a movie are surprising, coming from a studio which made “The Emoji Movie”, a terrible movie.

The main protagonist, Miles Morales was very relatable. Early in the movie they show him practically being crushed by stress from school and a dad pushing him too hard.

This is something every kid today can relate to in some way. Even adults can relate to this, especially since some parents push their kids too hard in school.

The film also showed Miles grow as a character, learning to control his powers better and becoming more thankful for his family.

The villain, Kingpin, was not bad either. Although he was slightly cartoonish with his head being below his shoulders had an interesting motive which I will not spoil.

What I loved about the conflict of this movie was that Kingpin was actually more of a sideshow. The real conflict was between the protagonists and themselves.

This also helped in making the characters relatable and making me actually care about what happened to them.

The emotion of the movie was further bolstered by the soundtrack. The soundtrack led to some amazing moments and was really well done.

The movie was also funny, I laughed for a good amount of the movie. Some of the humor,although I cringed, was still funny. Overall, the good was able to make up for the bad.

Overall, “Spiderman: Into the Spider-Verse’ was amazing. The film’s faults were, at worst, minor and hardly noticeable. If you have not seen it already, you should definitely see it before its out of theaters.


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