“Welcome to Marwen” Is a Movie Worth Seeing


Mark Hogancamp, who struggles with PTSD after losing his memory from being physically assaulted, creates a “town” for the dolls he created to escape from his trauma.

When I saw the trailer for this movie, I was very intrigued by the plot. I was also interested in the film because I have only seen Steve Carell play comedic roles, like Michael Scott in “The Office,” so seeing him fill a serious role as Hogancamp,a man with PTSD, really intrigued me.

“Welcome to Marwen” first shows a World War II plane crashing. A doll-like man hops out of a burning plane and finds out that his shoes melted off. He then finds a pair of high heels to wear, then is confronted by a group of Nazis who taunt him for wearing women’s shoes.

The Nazis threaten to kill him, but are then killed by a group of doll-like women who come to the rescue of the pilot.

In a flashback, it is shown that Hogancamp, known by the dolls he created as “Cap’n Hogie”, painted the dolls and modified them to represent people in real life.

Hogancamp has a court date set to make a victim impact statement against the men who attacked him.

He was originally terrified to go, but was basically forced to go by his lawyer and a friend. After seeing his attackers he imagines them becoming Nazi soldiers and shooting at him.

He runs out of the room screaming so the judge decides to reschedule the hearing on the same day as Hogancamp’s photos are being shown at the public art gallery.

For those who have not seen the movie, beware that there is alcohol, drug abuse, as well as some sexual situations.

Although the movie is based on the dark turmoil inside the head of Mark Hogancamp, the movie does have some comedic situations which lighten the mood.

This movie was an emotional rollercoaster. The audience got to witness the world through Hogancamp’s eyes and see how much he struggled with not knowing who he was and the clash of imagination with reality.

I was really happy with the way the movie ended, although it wasn’t what I expected. It was an amazing ending, regardless.

If you have not seen “Welcome to Marwen,” I highly recommend you watch it.