“Aquaman” Surpasses Expectations

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“Aquaman” Surpasses Expectations

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In simple words, the D.C. Universe is heading in the right direction.

After watching movies like “Batman vs. Superman,” “Wonder Woman,” and “Justice League,” viewers saw an amazing new solo movie, “Aquaman,” to add to the growing franchise.

I personally did not know what to expect with this movie due to the fact that Aquaman himself was not the character I expected him to be.

In “Justice League” we saw some hints towards a more comedic side of Aquaman, with Jason Momoa playing Aquaman in this film.

“Aquaman” starts off by showing the backstory of Aquaman himself.

Some would say it was a slow start, but viewers needed to see this to really appreciate the ending.

We see that Aquaman’s mom is the Queen of Atlantis (Atlanna) but runs away from an arranged marriage, and ends up falling in love with the man who runs the lighthouse.

After having a kid on land, and spending more than ten years on land,  Atlanna is forced to go back home to protect her son. She told her husband to go to the docks every sunrise and one day she will be there to see him again.

We soon find out that she was sacrificed once revealing she had a bastard son with a man from land, she was sacrificed to a inhumane civilization in the depths of the sea.

Twenty years went by and now we see Aquaman is a grown man. He saves people in the sea from pirates and this is where he finds his first enemy “Black Manta.” Aquaman has the option of saving a pirate, but chose not to which exalted vengeance in the pirate’s son.

We see that Aquaman’s half brother is trying to become the Ocean Master and bring all of the kingdoms against the people on land. We see that two characters (Mera and Nuidis) do not want war and try to help Aquaman reclaim the title of king that is rightfully his.

Viewers got to see that Aquaman is not perfect and doesn’t follow plans very well as he challenges his brother to a duel. The duel was going to be Aquaman’s death so Mera stepped in and saved him. They went off to find the legendary Trident of Atlan.

Through all of this, we see how advanced and amazing the city of Atlantis looks. They are and always have been ahead of civilization with technology. Their development in technology made them greedy which led to their downfall as their land sunk into the ocean.

On their journey, the Black Manta appeared once more after given advanced technology by the Atlanteans. He have Aquaman a good fight but ultimately failed and fell into the water.

Aquaman and Mera finally made it to their destination but were saved by a mysterious person. This person was actually Atlanna. It was a heartwarming moment but ended shortly because they still needed the trident.

Aquaman had to prove himself worthy to an ancient monster that protected the trident. Aquaman proved himself by saying he didn’t want to be king, but the people he loves needed him to be one.

The screen flashed to the half brother taking over the final kingdom through war. His army was massive and his army was winning until a huge monster appeared.

On top of the monster was Aquaman. He was now king of the sea and all ocean animals listened to him. He didn’t have an army so he went to the land to fight the Ocean Master.

With everyone watching the two men, they fought the final battle. Aquaman defeated the ocean master but didn’t kill him, but rather spared his life. Atlanna showed up told both of her sons that she loved them equally but that the ocean master had been misguided. The Ocean Master was put in jail but it didn’t end their.

Atlanna returned to the dock after twenty years and waited for her husband. This was an exceptionally great moment that hit everyone’s hearts once the two met again.

After the credits showed a film showing the Black Manta washing a shore and a scientist finding him. This scientist wanted the new technology and Black Manta wants Aquaman dead.

This leaves questions on how the character Black Manta will develop and exact his revenge.

There were amazing graphics throughout the movie and it showed an amazing view of Atlantis. This movie made Atlantis everything that a fan could have imagined. It had a magical feeling to the city.

Now to mention the role of Aquaman himself. Momoa played the role as Aquaman exceptionally. He brought many comedic moments to the character and really sold the audience on how relatable he was.

I would highly recommend watching this movie and if you haven’t already, watch all of the movies from the D.C. Franchise. The franchise is moving in the right direction. I believe there will be great films coming in the future.