New Year’s Six Has Many Surprises

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New Year’s Six Has Many Surprises

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The New Year’s Six Bowl games and College Football Playoffs are happening now. These are the bowl games of the top football teams in the National College Athletic Association.

Chick-fil-A Peach Bowl: (Florida 10 vs. Michigan 7)`

This was a matchup between the Big Ten and the Southeastern Conference.

This game could have gone to either team. Florida had three losses and a big win over rival Louisiana State University.

Michigan only had 2 losses, but didn’t have any impressive wins. Everyone already knew that this was going to be a battle of two impressive defenses, but it was going to come down to turnovers and who could make big plays. The big question was if Michigan Head Coach Jim Harbaugh could get a win in a big game.

Unfortunately for Harbaugh, this game was dominated by the Florida Gators.

Florida’s defense forced turnovers and capitalized on offense. The Gators’ offense was going against a top ranked defense and surprisingly had an easy time.

For any Big Ten fan, this was a hard game to watch as Michigan was slaughtered by the Florida Gators. Florida was not supposed to beat the superior Michigan defense; which has left people questioning the strength of Michigan’s schedule.

Final score: Florida 41; Michigan 15

Playstation Fiesta Bowl: (LSU 11 vs. UCF 8)

University of Central Florida was trying to finish their second consecutive season  undefeated, but to do that, they would have to beat a tough LSU opponent. Though undefeated, UCF had one of the easiest schedules amongst ranked teams. On the flip side, LSU had one of the toughest schedules in the nation and still beat multiple top ten teams, although they took some close losses.

This game put LSU in a disadvantage after losing more than eleven defensive players during the game. LSU had put a backup wide receiver at corner back at one point, however UCF’s backup quarterback still couldn’t take advantage.

After some questionable hits by both teams throughout the game, LSU quarterback Joe Burrow went off and led the Tigers to an above average offensive performance. No one expected the game to be as close as it was, but no one expected LSU to be playing so short handed.

Final score : LSU 40; UCF 32

Rose Bowl: (Ohio State 6 vs. Washington 9)

This was the traditional Pac 12 champion vs. Big Ten champion game.

Both teams were very good scoring teams. Washington had multiple close losses over the season but Ohio State had one very ugly loss.

Ohio State’s loss to Purdue was embarrassing and kept Ohio State out of the playoffs. Shortly before, Ohio State’s coach Urban Meyer’s announced that this was going to be his last game. The Buckeyes had more momentum and reason to win the game, but Washington was a very good team.

Ohio State dominated the first half and led 21-3. However, the fourth quarter was when the Huskies made it a closer game. There was never a time in the game where both defenses were playing great at the same time. Ohio State would hold on to the lead with one touchdown in the second half. This game ended with a ton of emotion as Urban Meyer said his final goodbyes to the Ohio State Buckeye fan base.

Final score: Ohio State 28; Washington 23

Allstate Sugar Bowl: (Texas 15 vs. Georgia 5)

Georgia was the division leader of the SEC East and had only suffered two losses, both of which were against top tier teams.

On the flip side, Texas had three losses, which were not all against the best of teams. However, Texas turned the tide of their season and go into the Sugar Bowl with momentum. Georgia had just suffered a loss to Alabama and were heavily favored going into this game.

Right off the bat, Texas was dominating Georgia.

Everything Georgia tried, the Texas defense stopped. Georgia turned up the heat in the fourth quarter but the Longhorns were able to hold them off and win the game. Texas was definitely not supposed to win this game, but they proved that they deserve to be top 25.

Final score: Texas 28; Georgia 21

Orange Bowl: (Alabama 1 vs. Oklahoma 4)

To no surprise, Alabama was ranked number one — again.

This time they went against a fresh opponent who had a very good passing game.

This game would test the Alabama’s secondary and Oklahoma’s Offensive line. Alabama has one of the best defenses in the country but only had a few games to show their dominance against ranked teams. However, Oklahoma didn’t have the strongest schedule either.

Oklahoma suffered one loss to Texas but it was only by 3 points. This game had a chance of being good, but the possibility of a game dominated by Alabama wasn’t out of the picture.

At first, Alabama was dominating the game, going up 31-10 at the half. Oklahoma’s coach must have given an amazing halftime speech because the Sooner’s made it a good second half.

Oklahoma scored 24 points in the second half to Alabama’s 10. It still wasn’t enough as Alabama would go to the National Championship game, again. The Oklahoma State Sooners made this game closer than most thought it would be.

Final score: Alabama 45; Oklahoma 34

Cotton Bowl Classic: (Clemson 2 vs. Notre Dame 3)

Two very impressive undefeated teams were expected to make this Cotton Bowl Classic a very good game.

Clemson had dominated all year long, and had one of the most impressive defensive lines in the game. Notre Dame was also a very solid team, but didn’t have as many impressive wins. This game had many questions, but the main one was if Clemson quarterback Trevor Lawrence could handle the pressure.

Long story short, he could handle it.

This was a very boring game. Clemson dominated the whole time and never took their foot off of the brakes. This is how a number two team should play every week. They held the Fighting Irish to three points. Keep in mind that the field goal was made in the first quarter. Clemson was supposed to win, but not in this manner. This game made Tiger fans very hopeful for the National Championship.

Final score: Clemson 30; Notre Dame 3

College Football Playoff National Championship: (Alabama 1 vs. Clemson 2)

This was the third time that these two teams had met in the playoffs, since this playoff system began. This year, they were both definitely the most deserving to be in the finals.

Alabama’s superior defense allowed a lot of points the previous week while Clemson’s defense didn’t allow a touchdown. This was expected to be a fairly close game, but that proved false.

The game started off with a few errors from Alabama that scared every ‘Bama fan in the nation, and put them down 31 to 16 at the half.

There was still another whole half with more than enough time for Alabama to make a comeback. That was not the case because the Clemson defense shut the Alabama Tide out for the whole second half. This become a snoozer as Alabama was shut down on all angles. This was a complete shocker on the complete dominance shown by Clemson.

Final score: Clemson 44; Alabama 16