Snow Day Cancelled For Second Year In A Row

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Snow Day Cancelled For Second Year In A Row

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For the second year, Livermore High School Associated Student Body (ASB) cancelled the previously annual ‘Snow Day.’ Snow Day took place in the amphitheater, which was covered in shaved ice in order to appear like a real snow storm had occurred overnight.

The decision was not only made by ASB, but also with support of administration.

Vice Principal Tom Fletcher stated, “The cons outweighed the pros. The event became lackluster.”

Fletcher also mentioned the inconvenience of constant supervision required in the past for the minority of students who did not handle the event maturely.

Irresponsible behavior sometimes led to students having to leave school early after being hit in the face with snow or even gravel within the snow.

Another issue with the event was the cost.

Administration shared that the snow was created by the same artificial machines used at snow slopes.

“We wanted to be more fiscally responsible and invest into things to last,” explained Video Production and Leadership teacher Gabe Castro.

Castro continued to state the downsides of snow day as an event that lasted four hours and resulted in early fun, but also melted by lunch and involved students leaving school early.

Rather than a snow day, ASB is investing into ideas that are more cost effective and cheaper for students, like black lights for the dark rally that can last for a few years, and student DJs at the 2019 spring dance.

Castro also mentioned the events set in place this year. Student can look for holiday music on Wednesdays in the amphitheater with dodgeball and minute to win it games.

“The lunchtime activities are a way to create a positive vibe on campus,” shared Castro.

Student Zoey Bost (11) shared, “I like the idea [of snow day] in theory, but I get why it was cancelled. They should try to find a variation.”

“I saw people throw snow and fall. It’s a tradition, it should be brought back,” stated Adithi Kumar (11).

Seniors Shyston Bright and Emilio Valdivia agreed the event was pretty fun especially for students who do not get to see real snow.

Fletcher mentioned the event is still up for discussion in the future.