Why Parents Should Shelf that Elf

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Why Parents Should Shelf that Elf

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Why should we have creepy elf dolls watching us 24/7, when kids aren’t allowed to touch them?  

Most people have heard of the tradition in which the elf shows up before Christmas to watch kids to make sure they are being good. The elf also wreaks havoc around the house.

In 2005, there was a book written called “the Elf on the Shelf: A Christmas Tradition” written by Carol V. Aebersold going into detail about the tradition.

There is four main reasons that I don’t think the Elf on the shelf is suitable for kids.

Reason one is that the eld itself is just plain creepy. When everyone is asleep it is supposed to “fly back to the north pole” and be back by morning in a new spot which is really unnerving.

The Elf has that creepy semi smile on its face and especially the way it lurks around the house just staring at you out of the corner of his beady little eyes all day long. Ew.

Reason two is that the Elf is hypocritical. It spreads the message to kids that if they misbehave it will tell Santa but then goes around messing up they house and displaying mischievous behavior it harshly discourages.

Examples of mischief caused is; torn up pillow cases, throwing clothes all over the floor, and my favorite, strewing toilet paper on the tree and from the ceiling fan.

Reason three is that it is manipulative. The elf tradition is using the threat of Santa’s Little Helper to force kids to behave themselves. It’s basically bribing children to behave and manipulating them using the elf as an extension of “Santa watching”.

The last and probably most important reason why I don’t like Elf on the Shelf is because of the pressure it puts on parents.

On Pinterest, there are endless boards dedicated to over the top Elf on the Shelf ideas.

Parents go over the top each time trying to figure out what to do next and even fight over who is going to “move the elf” next.

So overall the Elf on the Shelf is a creepy, manipulative object used to force kids to behave because someone is “watching them”.

I think it would put less stress on the parents to stick with advent calendars and not emotionally traumatize their kids with a creepy Elf doll that sits there and watches their kids when it’s not wreaking havoc around the house.