Wilder vs. Fury Results in a Controversial Draw

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Wilder vs. Fury Results in a Controversial Draw

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Boxing fans around the world awaited the boxing match between Tyson “Gypsy King” Fury and Deontay “Bronze Bomber” Wilder on Dec. 1, 2018.

Fury is known for his quickness and technique; Wilder is known for his powerful punches which led to knockouts in 39 out of 40 of his wins.

Both athletes had no losses or draws on their records, but many experts favored the “Bronze Bomber” in the fight due to his punching abilities.

Wilder was also favored, in part, due to Fury’s three-year-layoff following his win against world-renowned boxer, Wladimir Klitschko. Fury returned to the ring earlier this year.

During his layoff, Fury struggled with extreme depression, as well as drug and alcohol addiction. He had lost all hope in life, boxing, his family, and friends, and himself.

During his appearance on the popular podcast, “The Joe Rogan Experience,”  Fury revealed that he even attempted to commit suicide by driving his car off of a bridge. This was during the most severe point in his depressive state.

“I didn’t care about nothing, I just wanted to die so bad,” said Fury.

“I gave up on life,” Fury explained. “But as I was heading to the bridge, I heard a voice saying, ‘No, don’t do this, Tyson. Think about your kids, your family, your sons and daughter growing up without a dad.’”

Fury continued, “I said I’d never think about taking my own life again.”

Luckily, Fury’s religion and his newfound will to live after his suicide attempt has allowed him to try to overcome his mental illness, kick his addictions and get healthy, and fight once again. Fury has spoken very openly about his struggles with mental illness and has become a very vocal advocate for mental health.

I will be honest, after hearing about the struggles the “Gypsy King” had overcome, I couldn’t help but root for him. However, I still had a feeling that Wilder would win.

I figured that Wilder’s consistent punching power would grant him a win. I ended up being proven completely wrong.

Fury entered the ring and it was clear from the very beginning that he was going to give Wilder the fight of his life.

Fury bounced around the ring like a Lightweight, not a 6 foot 9 inch, 257 pound Heavyweight fighter. He dominated most of the rounds and looked happy while doing it, which was very refreshing to see considering all of the trials he has gone through over the last few years.

Although Wilder knocked down Fury in round nine, the “Gypsy King” got up. Wilder’s frustration over the fact that he hadn’t knocked out his opponent became obvious.

Then came the 12th round.

Wilder hit Fury with one of his famous punches and Fury fell onto the canvas.

Wilder began to celebrate, it seemed as though he had knocked out yet another opponent. He had officially earned his 40th knockout. I was convinced that Fury was not going to get up, none of Wilder’s other opponents had.

I was wrong.

In what seemed like a scene from a boxing movie, Fury’s eyes suddenly shot open and he was up on his feet.

Seeing Fury stand up after such a powerful punch was like seeing a corpse rise from the dead. It was nothing less than incredible.

The fight finished and the judges’ scores came in. The match ended with a controversial draw decision.

I had a hard time coming to a firm decision as to who won the fight. However, after watching the fight again, I would say that Fury won.

Fury dominated the majority of the rounds and completely out-boxed Wilder. Also, getting up in the 12th round after being knocked down by a knockout artist like Wilder showed just how strong and extraordinary Fury is.

I can also understand how someone could call the match a draw, though, since both fighters showcased incredible power in their separate ways.

I am not sure what the judge who declared Wilder the winner was thinking. Even if Fury had not gotten knocked down twice, he still would have lost on the judge’s scorecard. This is ridiculous, considering the fact that Fury clearly controlled the great majority of the match.

Luckily, Fury and Wilder will have another chance to prove who really won the fight at some point in the near future. Both fighters have declared their desires to have a rematch and the World Boxing Council has already called for a ‘direct rematch.

No matter your feelings on who won the match, Wilder and Fury are both men with unrelenting dedication and strength.

Wilder never gave up, even when Fury was dominating the ring.

After 11 action-packed rounds, Wilder came into the ring with vigor and knocked Fury onto the canvas. This is something that could only be done by a boxer with extreme physical and mental power, and a passion for the sport.

And it’s clear that Fury is no longer the unhealthy, hopeless man that he was during his time away from the ring. He has become a newer, better version of himself, which is, frankly, inspiring.

Fury serves as the perfect example of someone who has faced adversity head-on and has grown stronger because of the challenges he faced. His strength in the face of hardship has been represented in and outside of the ring.

Even after his head hit the canvas and everyone thought he wouldn’t get up, Fury rose to his feet and kept fighting. He didn’t give up — just like he didn’t give up when he was at the lowest point, mentally.

Overall, the Wilder-Fury match was an incredibly fair, entertaining, and inspiring fight. I am already excited to see the rematch.

Header credit: Riley Johanson