Poetry Club


Poetry is often used to express what one is feeling through writing rather than actions. Poetry Club at Livermore High School was designed so that students could have a safe place to share their writing without judgement.

Poetry Club is on Thursdays at lunch in room 410. English teacher Mark Cabasino is the club advisor.

The Poetry club officers are Ella King (11) as President, LJ Quines (11) as Vice President, Olivia LaBarbera (12) as Secretary,  Anneliese Widmann (12) as Treasurer, and Dale Begunu (11) as Historian.

During every meeting, students write down one line to a poem prompt and when everyone is done they read off what everyone wrote as a completed poem. They also take turns sharing poetry that they have written or found.

Quines said, “Words speak louder than actions. I totally suggest that everyone should write about poems and write about their feelings. You don’t even have to follow a certain rubric, just write out your feelings and that can turn into poetry. “

Club members and officers want more people to come and  share their poetry and writing.

“Poetry is anything you want it to be. Like creative writing, story telling, or even song writing, it’s anything you want. So if you need an outlet, join Poetry Club,” King said.

The officers welcome new members and encourage others to spread the word about Poetry Club.

There are also Open Mic Nights for poetry once a month on Saturdays at Panama Bay Coffee. You have the opportunity to drink coffee as well as share your poetry.

If you are looking for a place to share your writing and your poems, stop by Poetry Club on Tuesdays during lunch in room 410.