LHS Softball Open Fields Begin

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LHS Softball Open Fields Begin

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Livermore High School Softball season is beginning. Open fields are starting Dec. 3. They are two days a week and they take place on the football field.

On Dec. 17, open fields will be held on the actual softball field, located at Del Valle High School.

Open fields are practices without the instruction of coaches. They are usually run by the returning varsity players or seniors.

Allison Sprugasci (12) said, “Since it’s the beginning of open fields, it’s exciting to see all the new faces that have been coming out and working hard. I am looking forward to a fun, successful season. I’m hoping we can continue the tradition of making it to NCS.”

The beginning of open fields will consist of agility, conditioning, along with possible weightlifting and minor throwing and fielding.

Each open field will start at 3:30; They are not mandatory, but it is very recommended that you show up. By Jan. 7, open fields will be changing to three days a week.

Kylie Roberts (12) states, “I think we are going to have a great season. Even after the first day of open fields, it’s pretty clear that we have a lot of talent and positive energy. I’m so excited to see what this season has in store for us!”

Tryouts will begin the last week of January, and depending on how far the team gets in the playoffs, the season can end as late as June. There are about 25 games for the season including the preseason tournaments.

Brooke Anderson (12) said, “I think we might struggle to get some people in the positions that we need them in but the coaches are going to work together to try to make this season one to remember!”

It seems that the softball team has had a great start.  Hopefully, the team will be successful throughout the season.