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California Wildfire Update

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As of Nov. 25, the California  “Camp Fire” has been 100% contained. The death toll is at least at 83, with hundreds still missing. The fire burned thousands of acres throughout the Thanksgiving break as well.

The California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection said “[Camp Fire,] the nation’s deadliest [fire] in a century, was contained within 153,336 acres.”

Firefighters were fighting the fire and were nearly at 100% containment when the rain came. The rain helped clear the areas and allow firefighters to look for people and animals.

Looking for all of these potential bodies in the retirement community can take a serious toll on the responders. “The guys will never say it’s hard, but it is.” crew member, David Kang, said.

The Woolsey fire is also at 100% containment as of Nov. 21. This fire killed two civilians for sure and one more is still under investigation.

Though the death toll is still not nearly as high as the toll of Camp Fire, the amount of land and buildings burned down are still tragic amounts.

Both major California wildfires have been contained and all that is left to do is rebuild.

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