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Rainy Days

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After a long year of dry weather, the Tri-Valley finally has rain. For nine days we have rain and showers according to, and now that the “Camp Fire” is controlled and taken out, Bay Area residents can finally go outside and enjoy the rain.

The first rainy day of this season is Nov. 27. It was reported to rain during the afternoon. A high of 60° and a low of 52°and the precipitation at 80%.

For the second day of rain, which is Nov. 28, the high was 61° and the low was 52°. The humidity was at 86% and precipitation at 70%.

The week of Nov. 26 to Dec. 1, Thursday is suspected to be the last rain day of that week. With the weather now getting cooler with a high of 57°and low of 43°. Thursday isn’t just a rain day, it’s also a windy day.

Lastly, December 4th to December 12th is said to contain constant rain every day, except Thursday December 6th. The coldest it’s supposed to get is 33°, while the warmest it’s said to be is 60°.

As it gets closer to Winter and Christmas, the weather starts getting colder and the rain begins to arrive.

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