Latinos Unidos Club


Do you want to celebrate the Latino culture? The Latinos Unidos Club is welcoming new members.

President Valeria Mendoza (12) said,“ Latinos Unidos is a club that works to represent the latino culture in our community and then we also like to use that to volunteer at other schools.”

They have done many activities like the Day of the Dead altar, (a table or altar decorated with decorations to honor the dead) and helping Junction Ave K-8.  with their Day of the Dead festival.

Señora Diana Barakzoy is the advisor for the for the club. Barakzoy said, “I really saw a need for a club like this at LHS and former students from Junction Ave. ask if I would be the club advisor. I was really excited to be able to share our amazing latino culture with LHS.The club also focuses on positively impacting the Livermore community.”

You do not need to speak spanish to join the club. You can join and learn about the Latino community without having to speak a different language.

The club has been very successfully for its second year at LHS.   

Barakzoy comments, “I’m very proud of the clubs successes so far. This is only the second year of the Latinos Unidos club and already they volunteered at multiple events at Junction Ave. K-8. They have also raised $1800 by selling bracelets in the Pulsera Project and collected toys for the, ‘Toys for Tots’ program.”

Latinos Unidos is a fun club that many can join to learn about the Latino culture. The Latinos Unidos club is in room 501 in Barakzoy’s classroom, every Thursday.