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LHS School Traditions

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Livermore High School, like all high schools, has traditions of its own in every aspect of its being. All high schools have events big and small that not all are aware of.

The biggest tradition of many high schools is, of course, Homecoming. Homecoming at LHS is much more than a school dance, but rather a whole week devoted to showing school spirit.

“School spirit is always very high from as long as I can remember to participation in rallies to floats to everything that goes on and truthfully that probably the most energy that we get throughout the year.” said Tom Fletcher

Homecoming has events such as float, the bonfire, the rally, spirit days, the football game and of course the dance.

Float is an event where different classes put on a skit. It is in a way a rivalry between classes to see who has the best.

The Bonfire follows right after float.

The Rally is one of the biggest events of Homecoming week. At the rally, Homecoming princes are announced and you get to see nominees for king and queen.

The Rally has the Dance team, the Cheerleaders, and the Shooting Stars all perform. At this year’s rally there was also a competition involving the varsity captains.

Spirit days litter the week usually with a certain theme in mind, this years theme was back to the future.

The Football game is a football game like any other, except now the stands are filled with students and the Homecoming Queen is announced.

Finally the Homecoming Dance itself. The Dance occurs in the gym where music is blasted. You can also exit the gym and go to the small gym to take pictures and get water.

Kings and Princes alike get cowboy hats, while princesses and queens get tiaras.

Besides Homecoming LHS also has traditions like Greek week. Greek week is a week full of Upperclassmen vs lowerclassmen competitions.

These competitions occur during lunch and can be a wide variety of things but you just have to wait and see what happens at this years.

Another Upperclassmen vs Lowerclassmen competition is Powderpuff.

“I also think that all of our really healthy upperclassmen, lowerclassmen and every grade competitions like powderpuff and I love what we do with that.” said Renee Hennessy.

Powderpuff is as described by Steve Syth, “Always fun, most violent game on campus by far. We have almost lost it a couple times for that reason,”

Powderpuff is a series of girls football game where gender roles are reversed, guys can be cheerleaders and girls get to play the game. It occurs near the end of every year.

According to Syth these types of competitions have grown in popularity since he went to school here.

While LHS has its share of events that are for all grades there are also Senior only events.

Among these are Senior Picnic, A Disneyland Trip, Grad Night, Senior ditch day, and Mr. Cowboy.

Senior Picnic occurs at the beginning of the year and it’s a picnic, the one complaint is its expense, “I love the idea of senior picnic but it has gotten so expensive and so I feel like the young people who go dont really get the bang for their buck” said Hennessy

“It’s been turned into something they feel obligated to do but don’t often genuinely enjoy, we as chaperons really enjoy it because we don’t have to pay that big money for it and still get to benefit.”

The Disneyland Trip is another senior event but is seen as famously exhausting, “I’m not sure about the disneyland trip either that seems like a test of endurance” said Kip Wood.

Grad Night is apparently a fun event a senior can attend, Syth said “Grad night is definitely something that I think every student should do, it was around when I was here, it is kinda your last chance to be a kid.”

Finally Senior ditch day which although is supposed to not be condoned is seen as great by students and even some teachers, “I like senior cut day so I don’t have to see any of my seniors,” said Todd Gerardi.

Mr. Cowboy is an event for Senior males and found hilarious by all teachers, “Mr. Cowboy is a lot of fun I really enjoy it, I am made horribly uncomfortable by it but I can laugh at it and it is a hoot, it is a riot.” said Hennessy.

Gerardi thinks events like these “help kinda keep the seniors interested.”

There are events such as Junior Prom and Senior Ball.These are both dances exclusively for the classes mentioned. They are completely separate from one another.

Juniors tend to hold potlucks before the dance as food is not served there and Senior Ball is overall, “Just such a big huge day event,” said Hennessy.

Finally the event that ends every year, graduation.

“It happens at every school but there is something from the teacher and administrative perspective about graduation and seeing all the alumni come back just to celebrate the end of the year and create some closure.” Said Fletcher.

According to Wood, “Everyone is very happy and it’s usually a very beautiful spring evening, a very nice occasion.”

Many of the traditions mentioned have been around for a long time, Syth says “A lot has changed, a lot hasn’t changed.”

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