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LHS Sports Carry On Traditions

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LHS Sports Carry On Traditions

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Livermore High School is home to many sports and with them come traditions. Some of LHS’ more popular sports such as football, basketball, track, and wrestling all display traditions unique to the sport or sports in general.

According to Coach Bryan Canfield, football is all about “becoming a family.”

Players under Coach Canfield observe many traditions, but one that hits close to the heart for Canfield is the honoring of Nick Marcon, who he knew from high school.

The cowboy near the scoreboard on the football field is there in honor of Nick Marcon who died in a car accident homecoming week October 3, 1993.

Players honor him by grouping around the statue, touching it, and from there say a prayer. This occurs twice every home game, once before the game and once after.

There is also a sign in the boy’s locker room dedicated to him that players used to touch before every game preceding the statue´s existence.

From Coach Canfield’s days as a player also comes the tradition of Cowboy Jacks.

Cowboy Jacks are jumping jacks were the players yell the letters of cowboys.

From his time also comes a tradition of winning EBAL which he hopes can continue again. “Every team won every year,” Said Coach Canfield. “This school used to be the most feared school.”

With this years JV winning EBAL and the Freshman nearly missing it this tradition may soon continue.

Another one of LHS’ bigger sports is track coached by Coach Steve Syth.

While track is entirely devoted to running they still have some traditions.

Coach Syth says track is the “most relaxed and fun I think for the athletes of the sports here.”

Other than a relaxed and fun time Coach Syth says the only other tradition done is really just running.

There are also reasons for a lack of traditions partially rooted in traditions coming and going with coaches and of course the coming and going of athletes.

Track starts the last week of January for all those who want to try it out.

Track is not the only sport with a tradition of running, basketball shares that tradition as well.

“We run a lot, that’s our team bonding, we are basically a track team with tennis shoes on a court,” said Coach James Petersdorf.

Another tradition of the Basketball team is going to a college game.

“We usually go to UOP game every year and then a USF game every once in a while,” said Coach Petersdorf.

Other than running basketball also struggles with finding traditions. Coach Petersdorf has seen this through his role as Athletic Director as well.

“A lot of traditions have died because they aren’t politically correct anymore,” said Coach Petersdorf.

“[We] used to have everyone shave their heads before the Granada game kinda thing or have weird haircuts and then that died because that was a form of hazing.”

Coach Petersdorf and Coach Syth both agree that “a lot of stuff needed to die” and that “it’s for the better.”

In addition to this traditions have also died out because of a lack of participation.

Coach Petersdorf said, “Water polo used to do their own stuff but they don’t do that anymore because their team is smaller.”

Basketball tryouts have already happened so you must wait till next year to join.

Wrestling is full of family traditions as well.

Coach Herb Guidry is an Alumni who came back to coach wrestling and he is not the only coach. “Most of our coaches are alumni that came through the school,” said Coach Guidry. “We have a big tradition of coming back and helping the program and trying to make the program the best it can be.”

The wrestling team sees each other as a family “We´re like a giant family, there’s just this comradery that we have,” said Coach Guidry.

“When you beat up with your friends every day there’s just a different kind of mentality that you get and there’s a connection that these guys have and heck we have brothers and sisters on the team, we have dads that are coaches.”

“The Livermore wrestling family we like to call it.”

Coach Guidry like Coach Canfield wants to return the school to EBAL glory, “It’s been a little while since we’ve been the top of the food chain, but we are always competitive, we are always dangerous, and we come from a time when we didn’t lose EBAL championships”

Coach Guidry said, “Our biggest problem is that we just don’t get the numbers.”

“It’s not an easy sport we get that, we always say you have to be a little bit crazy to do this 2 hours a day 5 days a week.”

Wrestling started October 29th but anyone can join until January 1st.

According to Coach Petersdorf, when it comes to traditions, “We play in a lot of the same tournaments, see a lot of the same people; but what has happened for the last 50 to 60 years have been so different it  is more than something new now.”


Photo Credit Mike Clapp

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John Clapp is a 16 year old sophmore attending Livermore High School. He plays football in the fall and runs track in the spring. He is a Latin student...

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