LHS Football Plays Two GHS Games

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LHS Football Plays Two GHS Games

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On Oct. 26, both the Livermore High School Junior Varsity and Varsity teams played the annual football game with town rival, Granada High School.

The Oct. 26th game was a loss for Livermore with a final score of 41-21. The game was held at Granada High School.

“The first half went well, but there was a lot of turn over.”, said Athletic Director James Petersdorf.

Phillip Tran (12) stated, “We lacked consistency, but we’re more prepared and know what the next game’s about.”

James Thomas (12) disclosed, “The starting receiver was injured. The first half was good, but we have a good chance for the second game.”

The consensus among players seemed to be that the first half went well, but during the second half Granada started to take the lead.

As for practice for the second game, Shane Cromwell (12) stated, “We made adjustments this week.”

“The sophomores played well.”, shared Cromwell about the team’s performance during the first game.

Tight end Bradley Archer (12) commented, “The game didn’t go the way we wanted to, but we have an opportunity this week.”

As for why GHS eventually won the game, Archer expressed that the team made a few mistakes that the opponents capitalized on.

In preparation for the second game, players were coached on mistakes and according to Petersdorf watched film from the previous game. Archer shared the team typically prepares for the games with warm ups including Cowboy Jacks.

The final score of the second game was 48-21. The reason for the second game was the NCS playoffs while the first Granada game was a regularly scheduled game and an annual tradition for both high schools.

Petersdorf expressed the loss at the second game was due to “turn overs, interceptions, and a fumbled return early on.”

Petersdorf gave his opinion about the season, “The kids played well, especially the younger kids and they got to NCS playoffs.”