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Art 2: Grid Shading Project

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Art 2: Grid Shading Project

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The art projects that have been underway in Livermore High School’s art classes have all been very unique and interesting.

One, in particular, was a recent grid drawing the Art 2 class did. It was an individual based project where students were given the opportunity to express their own abilities. This whole process took a whole two to three weeks.

The process consisted of the class individually picking their own photos they want to draw, then you have to draw one-inch squares so it correlates with the dimensions of the drawing paper you are transferring it to. You then had to grid the drawing paper the same as you did the original picture, then you have to begin the outline the items in the picture on to the drawing paper. Finally, you have lines where there is a significant change in shading and continue shading after that.

Jacob Dennett (11) said, “To make your project look pretty much perfect, it was important that you go through each square one at a time and carefully.”

The important skills needed to create and complete the drawing were using shading pencils to shade the picture with light and dark aspects of the original picture after the outline is complete, along with scaling the drawing proportionally to the picture you chose so the drawing comes out to be proportionate.

Elizabeth Caine (11) said, “This project was definitely more significant because it helped me improve my shading skills.”

Other students had different opinions on the project. “This project did not teach me anything, and it was not very interesting compared to others,” Jacob Hager (11) said.

The art two class creates many projects throughout the year this one, in particular, was very memorable for most that invested time into their own project. Each project gave the students the opportunity to express themselves and show the skills they have with shading.

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