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Panera Bread Pastry Test

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Panera Bread Pastry Test

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Although Panera is well known for their foods such as mac and cheese and their sandwiches, they also offer a wide variety of pastries. Panera Bread’s most popular pastries include bear claws, muffies, scones, and brownies.

My favorite pastries from Panera are their classic chocolate chip cookies and their bear claws. Their chocolate chip cookies manage to taste fresh for so long after they’ve been made.

When I went to Panera Bread, I ordered a Candy Cookie, Pumpkin Muffie, and a Bear Claw.

When tasting the Candy Cookie it tasted like a sugar cookie with M&M’s.

Chloe Graham (11) said,”It tasted crunchy and gooey, it’s my favorite cookie they have.”

We also tried the Pumpkin muffie. Muffies are crosses between cookies and muffins. They are supposed to be like the tops of muffins. To make a muffie, you use any cake batter, but instead of putting it into a muffin tin, you put it on a baking sheet.

Elizabeth Caine (11) said, “I really like them, they kinda remind me of an uncrustable.”

Last, we tried Panera’s Bear Claw. The Bear Claw had cinnamon sugar on the inside as well as sliced almonds and a sugar drizzle over the top.

Graham said,”I wish it were warmed up and a little less sweet.”

Caine said,”I liked it, but it was really flakey.”

Overall, I think that Panera Bread has really good pastries and my favorite one was their pumpkin muffie. They had really good customer service and their restaurant gives off good vibes and I would definitely recommend it to others.

Header Credit: Heni Mekeres

Disclaimer: Header image features Elizabeth Caine and Chloe Graham

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Heni Mekeres, Staff Writer

Heni Mekeres is a junior at LHS. She enjoys hanging out with her friends and family, watching property brothers, and redecorating her room every 2 weeks....

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