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The Christmas Season Started in October

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Everyone knows that you celebrate Halloween, then Thanksgiving, and you finish off the year with the Christmas season. However, some people disagree.

The Christmas season has been growing for years now and no one can stop it.  Advertisements for Christmas were already out since October, but what exactly does that mean?

I’ll tell you what that means. Forget Halloween, and forget Thanksgiving because the Christmas Season started Oct. 1. Believe it or not, many students share this opinion.

Both of these students believe the Christmas Season starts in October.

Riley Johanson (10) said, “[It starts] October 1st. The reason is because I play piano to old people, and I need to learn the Christmas music so I can play it for them.”

Anthony Silva (12) said,  “Give it a few more weeks, it starts in the middle of October.”

Michelle Gile (12) had a unique view. “It starts on Black Friday,” Gile stated.

Grace Tetreault (12) said, “It begins when Walmart starts selling Christmas decorations.”

Heni Mekeres (11) believes the Christmas season lasts all year long. Mekeres said,“[The season starts] December 26th, the day after Christmas.”

There are a lot of people who have that basic answer of the Christmas season starting after Thanksgiving. However, some people’s opinion are close, but different from the basic answer. Emma Wiedemeier (9) said, “Generally after Thanksgiving, but it can be anytime. It’s a mood really.”

Some people have their own starting points for when the Christmas Season starts. Chloe Graham (11) said, “[Christmas starts] right when school starts.”

Kassandra Torres (9) said, “Christmas starts right when fall starts. That’s when I am in the Christmas mood.”

The Christmas season is coming up, even though we all have our different starting points for the Christmas Season. Savannah Murray (9) stated perfectly, “It’s your preference, it’s not a select date.”

In my opinion, I have to agree that the Christmas season started Oct. 1. However, it’s never too early to listen to Christmas music, or to be in a jolly mood.

No matter what your opinion is, enjoy the Christmas season because it’s only here one time in the year. That is, if you believe the Christmas season ends after Christmas.

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