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“Halloween” Movie Review

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Disclaimer: There are some spoilers for “Halloween” ahead.

The new “Halloween” (2018) movie is a sequel to the original “Halloween” (1978). The 2018 film shows viewers the effects time has on a person who has survived a mass murderer, and witnessed her friends dying.

If you haven’t seen the original “Halloween”, don’t worry. You can get away with not watching the original and still understand the plot easily. However, if you really want to understand the psychological effects of Michael and Laurie, then you should watch the original.

At the beginning of the movie, the audience learns that Michael Myers had been in a Psychiatric hospital for 40 years. Viewers also see that Laurie Strode had lived her whole life living in fear since Michael was caught, and learning how to defend herself.

Michael hasn’t said a word in over 40 years, and Laurie hadn’t stopped talking about Michael coming back in 40 years.

Jamie Lee Curtis did a great job at playing the role of Laurie. She did an amazing job at showing the psychological effects of such a traumatic event as surviving a mass murderer. It was great seeing how she couldn’t raise her kids, or hold a relationship with anyone anymore.

Other than all of the psychological effects shown, “Halloween” did a great job at mixing jump scares with gorey killing scenes.

The jump scares in the movie were minimal but great when they occured. One of the better jump scares was when Michael jumped from behind a mannequin when viewers thought he was gone, or behind the mannequin with blood on it.

“Halloween” did an amazing job at making your stomach turn when any character died in the movie. To really take in how horrific the killing scenes were, viewers have to understand just how crazy Michael Myers is.

The audience learns that Michael loves the feeling he gets when he kills people. Viewers also see in the bus crash scene a little glimpse of how strong Michael is. The scene shows a dead prisoner with his neck snapped backwards for nearly a second, but long enough for viewers to realize the potential damage Michael can do.

The viewers got to see how strong and smart Michael is. However, Michael actually left a baby alive which leaves the question of whether or not he was able to kill the baby.

Viewers saw a good mix of stabbing and slashing, but then the best murder came when two police officers went to investigate another police car. Michael ultimately stepped on Dr. Sartain’s head and it smashed like a pumpkin. It was that moment where viewers had to fight back the nauseous feeling the scene gave.

Due to how many “Halloween” movies there had been in the past, I didn’t have high expectations for this movie.

However, the multiple directors that came together did a pretty good job of showing the real life effects of such a traumatic experience, and making Michael Myers just as gruesome as viewers expected him to be.

“Halloween” did a great job of making it an intense and scary movie. I give this movie an 8/10 and highly recommend the new “Halloween” movie.

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