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Best Type of Mac and Cheese at Panera

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Do you love mac and cheese? More than a million of boxes of mac and cheese are sold daily, It continues to be in the top ten list for America’s comfort food.

One of the best places in Livermore that serves mac and cheese is Panera. They also give you the option to add bacon or chicken into your bowl of mac and cheese. Each bowl or meal comes with a piece of bread.

Panera’s regular mac and cheese has 950 calories and has tender shell pasta which is blended with rich cheeses, including their tangy white vermont cheese sauce. Their mac and cheese is thick and full of delicious flavors. You are also given the option of putting the meal into a bread bowl, although the meal already comes with a piece of french bread.

The regular Panera mac and cheese which is 950 calories, was definitely more creamy and melted in your mouth. When you ate the mac and cheese it was an explosion of cheesy flavors in your mouth.

When you mix the creamy mac and cheese with the french baguette, Fernanda Valdes (11) said,  “It tasted like a cheesy explosion, almost like heaven.”

The BBQ mac and cheese has 1,130 calories. It was very well blended with the cheese and contained a kind of grit to it to add texture which came from the actual bbq sauce that was in it.

Julia LeDesma (11) said, “If Texas was a food that is what it would taste like.  The mixture of all the flavors added a southern swing into the mac and cheese.”

The service at the Panera was pretty fast. Once you ordered it was very impressive, but if you didn’t use the computer to order it took about 15 minutes just to get to the front of the line and order from the actual cash register.

Panera was a very great experience and others should definitely invest some time to pick up a bowl or cup of the delicious mac and cheese in the future. The delicious food combined with the decent service creates an amazing encounter with family and friends.

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Makenna Luke is a Junior at Livermore High School, She has been on the varsity softball team since Freshman year. In her free time, she will usually be...

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