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Anime is a style of Japanese film and television animation. Manga was the beginning, then people became further skilled and turned Manga into Anime. Manga is a style of Japanese comic books and graphic novels.

A few Anime most people have heard of are: “Pokemon”, “Digimon”, “Yu-Gi-Oh!”, “Spirited Away”, “My Neighbor Totoro”, and “Ponyo.”

LHS has an Anime Club, on Fridays during lunch in Room 401.  Lydia Sarraille is the club’s advisor.

The President is Patricia Piña (12), the Vice President is Annalisa Juan (12). The Secretary is Robert Strout (12), the Treasurer is Emily Rice (12), and the Historian is Tate Ralph (10).

“Technically I didn’t start the club, the club was started years ago when Mr. Parr was still a teacher here. I was voted Vice President my Sophomore year in 2016, and then became President my Junior year,” Piña said.

The part of Anime that she loves the most is that there’s an Anime for anyone — no matter their age or preference in genres.

“Be it for smaller kids or someone who loves the excitement of horror, or anyone can find at least one that really speaks to them,” Piña declared.

Personally, she loves anime that has a compelling story that can really gab at her emotions or that can change her outlook on certain things.

“When I was in middle school, my best friend’s older sister, who was a student in LHS at the time, would tell us stories about how her friends started the Anime Club. I had started to watch anime around fifth grade and it amazed me to imagine a club full of kids who shared the same hobbies as me,” she said.

But, her freshman year, she ran straight to the room on the first Friday of the school year with pure excitement, only to find the club in a chaotic mess.

“The club at the time was consistent yelling, unorganized, and was never approved of by the school,” she said, remembering the day she first joined.

This chaotic mess had then moved her to befriend the “President” at the time and find out how to join the officers and try to reconstruct the club.

“My favorite part about the Anime Club is seeing everyone enjoy a good episode and laugh together, having kids come up to me; telling me they found new friends in the club, and that they feel a lot better about their hobbies always feel rewarding,” remarked Piña.

Piña explained, “A goal for the club is to introduce kids to more anime, than the mainstream.”

This is Piña’s last year in Anime Club, since she is graduating.

“While I don’t have any big ideas in mind, I do hope to leave the club entrusted in the right hands who will help nurture and help the club grow,” Piña says before continuing. “More than anything I want to make sure the people after this year’s officers are leadership material and that they’ll be ready to handle the fun but somewhat difficult responsibility.”

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