Day of the Dead is a very special day celebrated by many Latinos. It’s a day remembering all our loved ones that have passed away. It’s celebrated from October 31 to November 2.

LHS journalism Altar

Families make and decorate altars. The altars are used for putting up family pictures and making sure family members that passed away can visit their altar on Day of the Dead. Altars are decorated with offerings, pictures of the family members they are honoring, pan de muerto, sugar skulls, and food.

A lot of the altars are decorated with a flower called Cempazúchitl, also known as Marigolds. The flower is supposed to guide the spirits to their altars. A lot of altars are also decorated and designed with Marigolds.

On Day of the Dead, families have parties, make lots of food, and do activities their relatives used to enjoy. A lot of places in Mexico have parties, festivals, and they decorate cemeteries for people who visit family.

The Livermore High Journalism class is celebrating Day of the Dead as well. They are making an altar honoring deceased journalists. Each student has to choose a journalist and talk 

about their best moments and accomplishments.

The Latinos Unidos club is celebrating Day of the Dead, as well. They are going to help Junction K-8 School with their festival of Day of the Dead. Then, they are going to set up their altar in the student union, celebrating many well-known people.

Day of the Dead is a beautiful celebration, that many Latino families celebrate.