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Tips For Finals

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Tips For Finals

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Finals are the most stressful and sleep deprived time of the school year for most students. This can be attributed to most students having five classes and all of them giving hard finals.

Mariana Zuluaga (12) said,”I think the hardest part of studying for finals this year is going to be studying for different AP courses and balancing my study days out.”

Finals tend to be worth approximately 20% of your grade and most students don’t see this as fair. What if you’re having an off day or you aren’t a good test taker?

These finals can cause your grades to drop drastically. However, there are many tips that can help lighten up the load and help finals flow smoother.

My first tip is to make a study guide. Study guides help immensely even if the teacher doesn’t let you use it. Writing things down causes you to memorize and absorb the information more than just reading it.

Another tip is to take breaks and get enough sleep. When studying, your brain can’t absorb all of the information all at one time so you should take small breaks every once in a while.

You should also get a good night’s sleep; staying up all night studying isn’t going to help with the final because you’ll likely forget and you’ll also be tired for the final. Try to aim for eight hours of sleep.

Quizzing yourself also helps a lot. This shows you what you know, and what you need to study more. You can also talk to your teachers to see if they can offer any help.

The last, most effective, tip for finals is to highlight all of your key information. This will help you memorize your information faster. This will also draw your eyes to that part of your age so you read it more.

Dylan Nagore (12) said, “When I’m studying, highlighting words and making flash cards helps me study.”

“I found writing my study-sheets in different colors for different chapters helps me separate and remember information easier,” explained Anna Beers (11).

Everyone has a different way to study for finals, but all that matters is that you know what works for you.

Disclaimer: Dylan Nagore is a writer for The Torch.

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Heni Mekeres, Staff Writer

Heni Mekeres is a junior at LHS. She enjoys hanging out with her friends and family, watching property brothers, and redecorating her room every 2 weeks....

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