Ghost Stories at LHS


At Livermore High School,  there have long been stories of ghosts residing at our school.

Most reports of paranormal activity come from the main building. In the main building, there is a legend that a custodian hanged himself in the bell tower in the 1930s. It’s said that he lurks on the top floor of the main building, in the broiler room, and of course up in the bell tower.

Most people who know of or have heard the tale do not know anything besides the fact that a ghost of a janitor is stalking the halls of the main building. Tom Fletcher, Vice Principal, knows the most about the ghost.

“Back in the 30s, the rumor is that there was a custodian that hung themselves in one of the classrooms in the upstairs building, as a result I assume people think that is the ghost of the former custodian”

Although many have written it off as a rumor some people have claimed to hear from others, or witnessed first hand peculiar ghostly happenings.

Fletcher stated “Carmen, who is our night time custodian will tell you that she’ll come out of a classroom, having left her mop and the bucket in the hallway and the mop is standing straight up by itself”

Another person who had an eerie experience in the main building was PE teacher, Tim Vierra. He was up in the tower when he felt something was off the moment he stepped foot inside.

“It was a phantom, I don’t know it was just there you could feel it. It’s invisible but you can feel it, if that makes any sense like you could feel its aura.”

Some believe these rumors and their experiences wholeheartedly, while others scoff at the very thought of ghosts on campus.

James Petersdorf went to school at LHS but believes the ghost stories are fake.

When asked about the ghosts on campus Petersdorf replied, “What ghosts? There’s no ghosts on campus anywhere.”

After further discussion about the legend of the ghosts on campus he concluded “I’ve been here for almost 20 years and I don’t think i’ve ever heard anything.”

Other teachers either have not heard of the ghost or have heard the same legend of the janitor in the main building.