“Cowboy Showdown” Adds Enthusiasm to Homecoming

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“Cowboy Showdown” Adds Enthusiasm to Homecoming

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Livermore High School Homecoming festivities started on Oct. 18 with class-created skits called Cowboy Showdown. This event was formerly known as floats. The class with the most donated money for charity, the seniors, won.

The theme for 2018’s Homecoming Week was back to the future. Seniors had the 80s; Juniors had the 50s; Sophomores had the 90s; And Freshmen had the 70s.

Seniors act as “The Breakfast Club” characters. Photo Credit: Sarah Peters

The freshmen started the night off with their 70s skit featuring a game of “Jeopardy” and disco dance moves.

The sophomore skit centered around a 90s teen channel surfing through nostalgic TV shows. They featured the shows “Full House”, “Friends”, and “Fresh Prince of Bel Air” with references to commercials for Beanie Babies and Capri Sun.

The Junior’s skit was set in the 50s, spotlighting the Pink Ladies’ Diner and local Greasers. The guys danced to “Grease Lighting” before the grand finale when characters, Johnny and Nancy, expressed their affection for each other.

Juniors dance to “Grease Lighting.” Photo Credit: Sarah Peters

The senior’s skit ended the night paying homage to classic 80s movies. “The Breakfast Club”, “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off”, and “Back to the Future” were featured. In the skit, character Marty Jr. found his father’s time traveling car and ended up in the 1980s, hoping to not cause trouble.

Harleigh Wilder (12), a participant of three years, helped to build the wooden car, an integral piece of the performance. She shared the process, “It took seven weeks to build. We started with a sketch drawing, scaled down the car, and constructed with plywood. We worked with Dell, an engineer at the lab.”

Wilder believes the loss of constructed floats caused the groups to focus on the script and skit material rather than the background set.

90s themed skit with a Beanie Babies commercial. Photo Credit: Sarah Peters

Towards the end of the skit, participants paid tribute to previous year’s skit themes. The performance closed with a dance to the sentimental song from Simple Minds, “Don’t You (Forget About Me).” The song is featured in “The Breakfast Club.”

As for the process of Cowboy Showdown, Luke Foscalina (12) shared insight, “Anyone can participate and then there are auditions for speaking parts and tons of practice.” Foscalina also expressed that the performance was a lot of fun and better than expected.

When asked why he joined Cowboy Showdown, Gavin Finkbeiner (12) stated, “I wanted to have fun with my friends and have school spirit.” He worked on building the car along with Wilder and danced in

The senior’s time traveling car. Photo Credit: Sarah Peters

the guy’s routine. 

Due to construction on the football field and track, the formerly known event was renamed Cowboy Showdown to account for the lack of floats.

“There was less time to rehearse in general, but especially for blocking,” Wade Matthews (12) said.  

As for audience members, Lara Wiedemeier (12) declared, “It was okay. It wasn’t as fun without the floats and needed a better sound system. The senior skit was the best and there was excellent acting by Salem Lein and Tyler Kelly.”

Wilder revealed why she loves the homecoming skit experience, “It brings people together and is a lot of fun. The group becomes a family.”

From the beginning to the end of the performances, Wilder’s statement can be seen. The student participants rehearsed several times a week for a performance that added enthusiasm to LHS’ Homecoming Week.