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LHS Homecoming Dance 2018

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LHS Homecoming Dance 2018

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On Oct. 20, students from Livermore High School flooded the LHS gym to partake in the annual Homecoming dance.

The dance left students with differing views on whether or not it was a success.

Brett Demo (10) was satisfied with the dance, itself, but was not a fan of the DJ’s music choices, stating, “I enjoyed Homecoming, but the music could have been better. [There were] too many remixes.”

Aspen Stoffel (11) is a student from Carondelet High School who came to LHS’ Homecoming as a guest.

“At Carondelet, they have two separate homecomings. [They have] one for freshmen and sophomores and another for juniors and seniors,” Stoffel stated. “They also let us right in [to the dance] — no checking bags or breathalyzers. The dance [at Carondelet] is also not as big, which I personally enjoy.”

Addressing the length of the lines leading into the dance at LHS, Stoffel said, “Livermore’s Homecoming was good, but they should find a more effective way to let kids in so their line is not so long.”

“I liked the DJ’s songs, but they sounded like they were sped up which was a little bit annoying,” Stoffel remarked. “[Overall], I enjoyed Livermore homecoming. It was nice to see friends I don’t get to see often.”

“I think it was pulled off pretty well considering the leadership class was going out of our minds for the past few months making sure everything ran smoothly,” said Michaela Esposito (10), who is involved in LHS leadership.

Nicole Stromme (10) went to Homecoming this year with lower expectations than she had going into last year’s dance.

Stromme said, “I did like Homecoming…The song choice was better than last year because there [were] more old songs and overall better, less rap choices.”

Stromme also commented on the temperature within the gym. “[There were] more fans for cooler air. It was better, but still really hot.”

Julia Passannante (10) is a student at Granada High School who came as a guest. She felt as though there should have been more places to enter the dance, rather than funneling all students through one gate because the line was “definitely on the long side.”

“The DJ was really good. I knew almost all the songs except a few random ones that everyone else seemed to know,” said Passannante.

“GHS has better decorations and lights. The songs at LHS, I think, were better,” Passannante said. “The lines were much shorter at GHS because there were multiple [lines] and they moved faster concerning security.”

Cate Goldsberry (10) went to last year’s homecoming dance, but did not go this year.

“I didn’t go to Homecoming because I simply don’t find it fun or exciting,” Goldsberry explained. “It was hot and [I] felt that the music selection was weak.”

Sarah Ansell (10) had a great time at Homecoming.

Ansell said, “I loved Homecoming! It was amazing to dress up and dance with my friends!”

She also loved the DJ and the music choices at the dance. “I think there was a really good mix of old and new music that went with the ‘back to the future’ theme of Homecoming. And every song was easy to dance to.”

If Ansell could improve anything about Homecoming or Homecoming week, she said, “Maybe [we should add] more confetti and smoke machines at the Homecoming game!”

Nyah Said (10) enjoyed Homecoming, but enjoyed last year’s dance more.

“I’ve been told by my friends that they enjoyed it last year more,” Said explained.

If Said could change anything about Homecoming, she said, “I think that they should ask students to fill out surveys after every Homecoming in order to accommodate changes that would improve it.”

Jacob Peterson (12) had a great time at his last Homecoming before graduating from LHS.

Peterson commented, “I enjoyed Homecoming so much! It was a really great last one — and I enjoyed the spirit.”

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