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Fall Sports Briefs

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Are this year’s fall sports games worth attending?  According to Livermore High School athletic director James Petersdorf, this season’s most eventful sports are football, water polo, girls’ cross country, and volleyball.

As of October, football has gone 4-4 within league. They are eligible for playoffs. Football has the opportunity to win North Coast Section playoffs and get a higher seed if they win out for the rest of the season. A seed is the position you get in playoffs based on the amount of wins you get.

Girls’ water polo has been very successful this season and has the opportunity to be in the top seven seeds in NCS playoffs. They are eligible to win division two, with an overall record of 1-5.

Brookelyn Mcneil (11) said, “This season is going very well so far, and I can’t wait to see how far we go in playoffs.”

Girls’ cross country is going really strong so far. They are competing in division two and have a high chance of winning based on their passed wins. They are eligible to be in the NCS playoffs.

Girls’ volleyball has just recently had their first league win against Dougherty Valley High School. They can potentially win again against San Ramon Valley High School. If they win out for the rest of the season they have a chance of making it into NCS playoffs. Overall, their record is 1-15.

“This season is amazing and I’m glad I had the opportunity to play with all the girls on my team and grow closer to all of them,” said Varsity volleyball player Chelsea Bohling (11).

Petersdorf said, “So far, all of the fall sports are mostly successful and drama free.”

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Makenna Luke is a Junior at Livermore High School, She has been on the varsity softball team since Freshman year. In her free time, she will usually be...

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